Remember the Wink


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An absolute gentleman who it was a privilege to know .

I remember being pissed and knocking on his bedroom door in Tel Aviv at 6 am, he answered the door looked out and said, " Oh get to f*&k this is no a handicapped room!"
Is young gary not on this forum ? I’m sure he will be I played boys club football with young gary and used to travel in his dads car to away games so we could hear the tunes blasted full pelt


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Correct , big man was a legend.
Went to Los Angeles with him and a few others what a laugh we had, big man never drank so he was my driver for the week and the worst ever at finding places
Sadly missed but he left behind 2 diamonds in young Garry and Angela. Even though they are as bonkers as the big fella was
I think Angie has taken it to a new level :p

Gadger was a special man indeed, and raised his kids the right way too. A couple of smashers.


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I still miss him bellowing from about 6 rows behind me in CR2, Angela gives him a run for his money though. Sleep well Garry.
You must have been sitting beside me!:cool:
There's way too many Bears I've met over the years, now singing Follow Follow with the Angels up above.

There won't be a dry eye in the house at #55. COYG Gadger. :))



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Met him a few times over the years.

Without doubt the biggest bluenose I have ever met. Home, away, reserves the lot. I remember being told he also booked his summer holidays based on where Rangers were going for pre season (not sure if that was true but wouldn’t surprise me)

I remember sitting behind him in CR2 at the Kaunas game when we drew 0-0 and I remember him standing up about 5 mins from the end and shouting “this is a disgrace Rangers! You should be ashamed of yourself here Walter” without doubt the loudest I have ever heard anyone shout anything at the football. There is no way that Walter never heard him from the dugout.

A real loss to Rangers and us all.


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Crapa/Lloyd , another great guy gone too soon.

Used to rub some folk up the wrong way on here but done loads of folk a real turn.
Always called me kinbers and came up and shook my hand one game and then wandered away again ps pps ppps lol

RIP bears


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Jesus, doesnt seem like that. Didn't know him personally but it was still saddening as it genuinely felt like a loss due to his popularity on the forum.

Hyramotre, another old poster sadly gone.

Number_8 too.


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I first met him at Creamery Park back in the 90s when our reserves played there.No matter what obscure game you went to you were guaranteed he would be there.


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Never knew him but enjoyed reading his posts on here. Like many others, hard to believe it's been ten years already.
Sat directly in front of Garry Snr and Angela in the Copland Rear for years, my ST is still there and my old man is still in the same seat next to mine. It was a genuine honour and pleasure to be in his presence at every home game. Even when we were at our worst on the pitch, you could always guarantee Garry would liven things up.

Still can't believe he's been gone for 10 years and I was genuinely devastated to learn of his loss at the time. He was always good to me and always had time to come along to our family events like my 21st etc. I have a lot of fond memories of him and I honestly think there'll never be another like him. Genuine one of a kind Rangers man that many would rightly consider a legend amongst our support.


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Even now when abroad to see Rangers I still expect to bump into Gary and Brighton Dave is another one both gone but not forgotten
I remember one night years ago at partick thistle Gary was giving Gerry Britton absolute pelters "you don't deserve a name like Britton ya f@nny" or words to that effect :))