Remember to Cancel Premier Sports


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How do you cancel?

They do not answer the phone and when I try and log in it says authentication failed despite the details being correct.


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It’s a myth that it’s hard to cancel.

Do it online in 30 seconds. Usually offers a deal as soon as you click cancel as well.
how did I miss that? Had no idea Scottish Cup was postponed. Premier sports took cash off me end of December. Any betting sites do Guatemalan football?


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He said he did it online but many people, from memory, don't actually have online accounts. If you just signed up by putting in your sky card etc, you won't have an account.

I added it through Sky box mate. And set up the online account. Been really easy through their site to turn it on and off in the ‘Manage Account’ or whatever.

It has a button for Cancel Subscription.

Sadly I same as many where I have signed up numerous times due to our ganes getting put on there for domestic cups/early qualifiers.


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All these folk talking about Italian, Dutch, French Leagues, as Rangers don’t play in any of them then Ive never watched them, cant be bothered even watching English games on Sky.

Does that get me extra Proddy points Underfaker?


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Aye good shout, will get mine binned, was there not horror stories about cancelling this mob? Is it a phone job or can it be done online?