Respect to Celtic to their reaction to Walters passing


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Compare to the Stand Free Aberdeen Forum where the title of the thread is Deid Former Huns Manager, and has a staggering 14 posts....
Just checked this out as thought it would have been taken down by now. Staggering to say the least. What's worse is that one of the posts is from a Rangers fan...


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Paddy McCourt tweeted that he went to the same physio and that Walter would always take five minutes to talk to him about life in general

Back to hating them in a few days but it has been lovely to see


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I am. Aberdeen fans are scum. They’ve been bitter they had a brief success in the 80s and then realised it wasnt because they were big or popular or particularly great players, it was all down to one man after he started on his quest to be the worlds greatest manager. A Rangers man no less

And the club who put 3rd, 2nd and final nails in their coffin via cup finals and league trophies in the late eighties, were Rangers. From European success and Scottish trophies to decades of nothingness all within 8 years. All the bitterness since and the hatred it generates gets directed at us, like a wee guy raging at the bird who rejected him in high school and ended up marrying a lawyer and being very happy while he turned into a nobody.

Celtic as a club, (and many of the fans) at least appreciate our traditions. Celtic take part in the Loving Cup ceremony and toast our queen which is a solid gesture given our vastly contrasting views on the monarch. They have proper respect for the Ibrox disaster as a football club and so do the vast majority of their fans. Abereen don’t. There’s no begrudging respect, they hate us.

None of the celtic fans I know would ever call me an orange bastard or a Hun in my presence and I would never use derogatory terms for them either. There’s a mutual understanding, we’re the old firm, we share as much with them as we have differences. Privately I don’t care what they say, it may be different but I’m not bothered, I’m not exactly whiter than white myself when it comes to my language among friends. But the Aberdeen fans are openly hostile, make very borderline unacceptable comments about our club and fans, and use sectarian language to describe us openly. I’ve came close to offering at least one of them out and that’s not in my nature to do so.

They are nothing but bitter trolling scum. A pathetic snivelling set of fans who have ideas so above their station it literally sets them up for annual falls. Jilted Lover FC

You have some valid points in there.

I can only speak of the five Aberdeen fans I personally know and I have absolutely no doubt Walter's passing will have touched them.

Personally I think 90% of football fans are decent people. who have enough respect about them to understand when it comes to the passing of prominent people from other clubs there is a line you do not cross.

I think Aberdeen as a club do not share the views of the idiot element of their fanbase.


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Agree with previous posts, as much as we hate Celtic and they hate us, it's just football at the end of the day, and the vast majority can be proud of the way they have handled themselves. I might even go as far to say that if they were playing Aberdeen tonight I would probably find myself wanting them to win, such has been my utter disgust at many of the Aberdeen support. I actually never thought I would ever read comments on a forum so disgusting as those which have been said on their forums. Anyway, this thread is about Celtic and their support , so credit goes to them.


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Peter Grant's piece on the same phone in as Richard Gough yesterday, was very touching as well,never liked him as a player, but i suppose he just wanted to win all the time.


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Really not interested in anything released by Celtic. Simply struggle to believe the sincerity.

And I agree with other posters about concerns with tonights 'fans' we are hosting.
IF they do spoil our tribute I really worry things could get nasty - simply because of the depth and strength of feeling all bears have for Walter... ANY disrespect to him at this moment in time should not be tolerated.

Not ashamed to say that reading this forum last 2 days has been tough - tears in my eyes.
An uncalled for opinion . imho off course.


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Majority of posts I've seen on Twitter from one of them seems to relate back to Walter carrying Tommy Burns' coffin and from that he was greatly respected by them for doing so.

It's good to see people are capable of parking football rivalry to one side for a while.

Steven D

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Has it been confirmed there will be a silence?

I hope there is, wouldnt want us to be having an applause for the avoidance of some halfwit sheep trying to abuse it.


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The "Sevco" thread on KDS is back to talking about EBTs and King's loan.

They are also suggesting (at least 2 posts) that we're only doing a silence because we want Aberdeen to disrupt it for "mileage". What do you expect from a pig if not a grunt?

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The "Sevco" thread on KDS is back to talking about EBTs and King's loan.

They are also suggesting (at least 2 posts) that we're only doing a silence because we want Aberdeen to disrupt it for "mileage". What do you expect from a pig if not a grunt?

Tbf, the majority of stuff from them has been civil and in praise of Walter. You'll always get the extremist screwballs.


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Notice Hibs haven’t announced if there is a minute silence. After reading the majority of their fans comments I expect it to be respected. I’ve also seen a lot of outrage from other fans re the Aberdeen AFC chat forums. The majority of fans are saying it’s the worst forum thread they’ve seen on the internet - that’s saying something!


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The "Sevco" thread on KDS is back to talking about EBTs and King's loan.

They are also suggesting (at least 2 posts) that we're only doing a silence because we want Aberdeen to disrupt it for "mileage". What do you expect from a pig if not a grunt?
Tbf as much as I hate them the majority have been decent about Walter.


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The rivalry between us should always be about what’s on the pitch. I’ve got really good mates who are Celtic fans, doesn’t stop us talking about the football and having a laugh at each other’s expense and that’s it.

The politicisation of the ‘Old Firm’ and all the religious underbelly is a play by governments to remain elected or seek power. Our rivalry should only be on the park and not influenced by those in charge of our Country.

I fear with the passing of true football legends like Walter we are moving further away from that mutual appreciation in the game.

The man was a god and my deepest sympathies go to all his family, friends and those he helped influence throughout his life.

The DazzleGer

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Despite the uber staunchness and status desired by posting predictable guff on here the simple truth is virtually everyone .. except maybe some from Ulster ...knows and is friendly with at least one person from the other side of the divide , be that daughters husband , wifes uncle or whatever it is .
Walter's passing for the moment has made things better. Let's see if it lasts.


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I broadly agree with the sentiment.

What I will reservedly say is that I don’t think sending Tom Boyd as a representative/ambassador was particularly fitting given his open accusations of refereeing bias and cheating towards our club and therefore some of Walters teams.

I don’t think the gaffer would have had any time for that whatsoever.

Mason Boyne

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I don’t want to detract from what people are saying but it is pretty difficult to think of anything bad that could be said about Walter.


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been good reading and listening to the tributes and stories, even what i have seen from a lot of celtic forums across social media.

they have also warned those with nothing nice to say to stay clear and respect the Man, Family and friends at this time


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Sadly, the same can not be said for Huddleboard. Some absolute sewer rats on there. I have some screenshots of some disgusting comments. They may be aired in the near future when the time is right.

Sheep in wolfs clothing and all that.

I prefer to believe that KDS may be more representative of their support than the Fuddleboard. Not unlike our own FF and Rangers Media.

Unfortunately, social media gives every lunatic a platform to spout pish, but as someone with numerous Celtic fans in my extended family, I honestly prefer to retain my own sanity and faith in humanity by believing that the majority of them are every bit as sane as you and me.
I've read all the tributes today as I'm sure everyone has.
Just goes to show how Sir Walter was respected even by Celtic players, fans etc.
Fair play to them.
Hope the sheep show the same attitude tonight.
Still gutted by the news btw.


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I find it difficult to praise anyone for acting like a normal decent human being, it’s like ppl paying respect but starting the sentence “I’m a Celtic fan but..”
who cares who you support, just pay your respects from one man to another

I will concede that the lack of unsavoury comments has been good


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One of the positive aspects if there is any is how our rivals have conducted themselves over Walters passing.

I have just saw their chairman lay a wreath at Ibrox, and the statements from players and officials have been heartfelt as have many of their fans.

Indeed the outpouring of respect from all over the world is humbling.

To be honest that is how it should be , rivals on the park only.

We probably all have friends even family from the other side, most of us are football fans, Walter bridges the rivalry, such a special man with a fitting legacy.

Think that’s well said. Equally though easy for people to ‘say words.’ I still think Lennon is a d1ck despite his very nice words. Same goes for Lawwell.
There are plenty of people on here who should think twice about what they say. As an example plenty quick to call Tommy burns very unpleasant things. From I can gather Burns was a decent guy, and that’s obviously what Walter thought too.
Maybe better if people think about what they say, no matter what team they support, most of the time not just when someone dies.