Retro Kits Launching Today 10am


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I am a large in a Nike polo so should I go XL for this as looks tight fitting.

Not bought a football top in years.



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Folk moaned for years about us not being run properly, not having a proper kit deal, not taking advantage of commercial opportunities, and now we are folk still moan.

If you don't like it, or don't like the idea behind it - don't buy it.

This is the sort of thing properly run, modern clubs do. This is how we make money to fund the club. This is how we generate commercial interest.

I LOVE it, but sadly can't afford it right at this minute due to the financial effect of Covid. Doesn't mean I'm gonna moan about it, doesn't mean I think the club are ripping the piss.

Personally I'm just fucking happy we're involved in this sort of commercial activity. It's been a long time coming.


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i dont actually mind paying that much it's expensive but thats their price so what can you do. I was just about to get it. then i noticed a further £5.50 for delivery and thats the part i think is taking the piss a little. Most websites are free delivery over £50
Aye comes to 73.50


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I just ordered retro XL as the L home shirt I bought is a little tight and remains unworn with the tags still I reckon a size up may be sensible. I could try to lose a bit of weight of course, but having recently acquired one of those draft beer machines, there is little chance of that :))

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Good thing about it is that it's a timeless shirt.
Can wear it for years without saying "that was last seasons top" etc.
Lovely top.

Only gripe, a small one, is the shorts could have been more 'Retro' to go with the top.