Robby McCrorie


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With Shagger signing a new contract I’d let McCrorie go back on loan again next season to a SPL team again then he can challenge the season after


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McGregor was 23 when he became first choice, Robby turns 22 in March. A year at Livi will be perfect to see if he can be consistent at the top level.


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Robbie has a genuine opportunity to make it at Rangers. So pleased this chance has opened up for him and he appears to be grasping it and learning each week.


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Maybe next season him and McGregor to share number 1 spot. Would love to see something like that happen.


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Think this move to Livingston will give him that step up to be our back-up behind McGregor. a very highly rated keeper and one I think we will see as a Rangers No. 1.


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decent move for the lad, he will need to organise and motivate and will get plenty of chances to shine.


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Only thing that worries me about his loan move is Livi pitch.
Hopefully he plays well and i see tonight he kept a clean sheet Good luck Robbie.


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Great to see him getting a clean sheet on his debut. I reckon he will be our 2nd choice keeper next season If Wes leaves


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Well done to young Robby on his clean sheet tonight. Hopefully going on loan in a higher division will do him good.


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Great start for him, Livi seem to do well with the keepers they bring in so hopefully they can do the same with Robby and he can return the finished product!


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Livingston will be great for his development as a goal keeper.

He’ll need to develop (unless he already has it) the mentality of having to go from making numerous saves per game there to having to make 1 or 2 per game at Rangers.


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Likely a similar pathway to that of McGregor .. wouldn't surprise me to see him out on loan for another season next yr in SPL and then in competing for No 1 spot.


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This is what Gary Holt said about him :

"He was excellent, his handling was excellent and he knew when to come and when to stay. His saves were brilliant and it was refreshing to hear him shouting and bawling like that on his debut.

Sometimes you have to coach that into players and tell them that they are allowed to shout at them.

At the final whistle, they can all slap him on the back and say; ‘Well done’ but that’s the selfishness a goalkeeper needs to have.

He has to be the ugly guy who never shuts up and who no-one likes."

Fuzzy Dunlop

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Great to see him have such a good start. Really hope to see him as a successful number 1 for us in the near future


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Star in the making .livi is a good club to learn at
Definitely agree with this. Look at how well Kelly done there and he got his move down south. I still think Kelly will become a great keeper too.

Hopefully next season on loan at Livi again then back to be our number one for the 21/22 season.


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If he is not going to the number 1 next year, put him out on loan again.
More important that he plays than sit on the bench for us.
Really hope he makes it with us.

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