Rod Petrie Steps Down From SFA role (temporarily)


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Petrie - Mulraney - Petrie.

Having trouble seeing the difference here. One rat looks very much like another to me.


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This is a travesty that an actual gangster (or cardboard one) is actually going to be in charge of the Scottish game.

And he is a Rabid tarrier, a scum Rangers hating bastard.

besides Peter lawwell, he is the absolute head of the stinking, slithering, rancid snake. Make no mistake about it. He is a bully bastard, he should he nowhere near the corridors of power in this game.
Absolutely NOWHERE near it.


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Well gifting the tarriers a tainted league title, letting them win the previous 8 with a few trebles thrown in and now putting one of the biggest tarriers in Scotland in charge of the SFA must officially make this the worst Masonic conspiracy we’ve ever come up with.


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You just know that Mulraney is about to take responsibility for something that Petrie cannot be seen to be touching.
Despicable corrupt bastards.

And Mulraney states Petrie has been a "tower of strength" during the Covid-19 emergency?
In what way exactly?
What the feck has he had to do FFS?
Fitba has been shut down for the duration and the SFA has been conspicuous by its absence during all this SPFL corruption carry-on.
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This will coincide with the sham report into CSA about to be released and Petrie is sidestepping it to alow the Opus Dei bhoys to “manage” the fallout.