Roko Simic


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If Jelavic has told him about Rangers, then the boy will probably be desperate to join us!!


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I am sure this young guy will be one of many who will be in the eye of our scouts, I am sure if he is as good as they say then we will be in the market for him come the correct time?


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Sounds positive looking at young talent before they establish themselves and become hard to get/out of reach. Also randomly if he scores a goal for his song on the tannoy should be the Rockefeller Skank playing from the bit that goes rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock Rockefeller but lyric would be Roko Simic.

Gerrard the Great

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If Jelavic is backing this boy then we should jump at the chance.
Yes nothing is guaranteed but grab them young develop and you never know, one day we just might find ourselves a Haaland.


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No harm in taking a look.
What ever happened with that other Columbian playing in Finland. Did that one vanish or is that still on the back burner?


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Im all for this.

Patterson needs to be the first of many breaking through and proving that there is a path for young academy players.

Thats a big selling point when trying to get the best youth


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Naw man, we're actually signing people younger than me now, this can't be happening to me

That aside get him signed


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