Roll n Sausage at the Football?


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It can’t be just me who’d prefer this to pies at the football?

I’m not advocating doing away with pies, but I’d much prefer a greasy square sausage and tatty scone on a buttered crispy roll.

Dollop of tomato sauce on it too!
A roll and sausage at the football sounds great.

One served up at the kiosks in Ibrox - maybe not so much!


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Ones at livy last season were phenomenal, me and my mate still talk about them.

I've had half decent pies at about 3 venues since I stopped going to away games, Killie was decent, Ross County couldnt grumble, never ate at Livvy... Probably the best grub I've ever had was at a Highland League game years ago in Inverness, small local baker grub was fantastic.


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So what would you have for your breakfast if you had a roll n sausage at the game? Anyone that puts cheese and onions on a roll n sausage is a wrongun


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I sit in the Sandy Jardine Rear and for the last 18 months or so they've had a small stall at the end of the concourse (nearest the Copland, just under the Davie Cooper painting) which does rolls and sausage but only for the early kick offs. For 3pm kick offs, it did some pretty good homemade soups which aren't at the regular concession stands. The chicken noodle soup was delicious.

I've had a roll & sausage in Ibrox a couple of times in the last year. With tomato ketchup obviously.

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