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Strikes me as the player that’s made for the big occasion. If we can get Roofe, Morelos, Itten and Defoe on top form we have nothing to worry about.

Red White &Blue

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Does not matter if you are 11 or 101.
It is the most terrific goal you will EVER see from a player in a Rangers shirt.
Remember where you were when it happened.

Sly Stone

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I'm 60 & been to probably over a thousand Rangers games in my lifetime & that's the best ever Rangers goal I've seen.
The Davie Cooper goal at Hampden against them in 1979 was really special, but last night's goal was better in my opinion.
Spat my coffee everywhere when it hit the net.
Unbelievable goal...


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For me, the greatest thing about that goal is him turning away from the third tackle. He feigns a movement to his left, then runs into the left back, then he just knocks it round him.
That turn and feint, and his change in direction to put their player running the other way is just brilliant.
8 seconds two hefty challenges 6 touches and a shot i make it.
Love the little skip he does to get his feet in the right position before launching it.
Kentbear I was just about to post exactly the same in regards to his little skip to set himself to launch the shot, completely throughs out the manky mob hordes saying it was luck. Proves he was in complete control with intent / execution during the whole sequence of play, absolute moment of brilliance, so glad I got up to watch at 3am in Oz, WATP


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Incredible. I even love the little skip just prior to hitting the trigger. It's as if that helped him reset his composure after dealing with the frantic challenges in the wild weather. Amazing.


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The more I see of this goal the more awesome it becomes.
Kemar's fore-play before the earth-shattering orgasm itself was simply outstanding.
Good to see you back bilko you been on holiday?

I have had Archie Gemmills 1978 World Cup goal as my greatest of all time until now, watched this angle of Roofes quite a few times and have to say I didn't notice the outrageous heel nutmeg adding that to the twist and turns, fending off tackles flicking ball round 3rd defender awareness to look up for the keeper before the skip then unleashing the unthinkable in unimaginable pitch conditions to score such an insane goal and to see it happen is a wow moment!

Yes some will try to dilute the goal through tinted glasses and blame the goalkeeper for being off his line but reality is nobody could have envisaged or predicted in the next 8 seconds that 3 players were about to be taken out by skill and determination of one player about to perform an act of footballing magic that will have many proclaiming as the greatest goal they have ever seen self included and it will be talked about for years!

Yep for me at this time it is the greatest individual goal I have seen so far and it has taken 42 years to topple Archie Gemmills goal in my book!
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8 seconds two hefty challenges 6 touches and a shot i make it.
Love the little skip he does to get his feet in the right position before launching it.
I would love to see this angle in slo mo, unless I am seeing things did he nutmeg using his heel?

The Iceman

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Even better from that angle, the pace strength and change of direction before he hits the shot .

For any tims looking in it was a lucky fluke and Lenny is the man. Make sure you keep with him.


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I like how he added the little skip just to take the piss out of Lennon as well.
the wife nearly dropped the iron when i shouted NO WAY at the tv.

Northampton Lodger

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If instead of shooting he had wandered to the line at half way and played it off a defender for a throw in we would still be talking about the skill. Brilliant vision and strength.

Jonathan E

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Great 'game-management' by Kemar.

Run down the clock in injury time, take the ball for a walk and into a 'safe area'...

The back of the f*cking net!
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