Roofe Has Previous!


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Massive last third player. he is the guy you want hanging around the *D* at corners, hoovering up second balls and launching them back at the keeper with great ferocity.

With the likes of Alfredo and Goldson breathing down the keepers neck awaiting a spilt ball to thunder home.

Artful Dodger

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I won’t lie when he started taking men on prior to the goal I was screaming at the telly.There’s only seconds to go lump it into the corner for ffs.So when he shot I was utterly amazed then screaming like a wee girl.Brilliant skills.


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Aside from the goal, and hopefully plenty more to come, I love this lads attitude to the game. He’s a battler and is willing to do the hard graft for the team.

just in that goal alone, to bring the ball out of defence and beat 3 men showed a great will to win and great strength on the ball. Then he goes and shoots from the deep end!


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Every time i watch that goal from Thursday it just keeps on getting better. The couple of steps before he hits it to settle himself is class.

Rocket Raccoon

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My 10 year old boy came out of school yesterday and said he seen the goal in school, i was like what??

They show newsround in class and it was on that haha.
Mine said the same that they watched but in class on Newsround.

Also the same celebration at the end.


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Coincidentally, it's a sign that also refers to his children's initials.
I acknowledge your attempt at humour.
Well you dived in after the first comment so thought I would make it a bit more obvious I was joking with the last post :))


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It actually amazed me how many of our own thought it was an Anderlecht sign considering he has done that celebration for us this season! Also did nobody watch the obligatory Youtube clips when we were signing him?
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