Ross County Vs Inverness/Scottish Cup draw


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The poor crowd (although the Caley end looks decent) isn't a surprise:

Monday night
They've played each 3 times already this season
They both will average well under 5k a game anyway


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Another embarassing crowd for Scottish football.

And did anyone note Hamilton's attendance last midweek? ........1,174. Top flight club and just getting over 1,000 people through the gate. Shambolic. Hope they go down.


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John Beaton in charge.

Must be going to the Dingwall Loyal for a pint later :))

I watched that game and turned over to wolves v newky at times and back and each time beatons position on the park was actually interfering with and restricting of movement by players. He was at half pace throughout and playing catch up on some attacks.

If anyone has it taped watch it, he's fuukin not up with the pace of the game.
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