Ruling On Latest Fat Mike Court Case – Still Waiting...


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Not a chance surely!
£3m renegotiated deal
£8m settlement
£xx? Unpaid revenue
£xx? Lost revenue in shirt sales
£xx? Lost revenue in Ibrox advertising
= Horrible rumour if true


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my own view is that if the club have had to pay even a few million in damages, to get rid once and for all? Price worth paying. We'd make that money back with upcoming shirt releases etc
We already paid them £3m did we not?


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Wasn’t that to get out of the 7 year deal ?
The seven year deal that turned into a flux-capacitated, never-ending nightmare deal ? Court-case pending...?

The longer this trundles on the more it sounds mate owns Sellick, even if I'm a fat billionaire with more money than I could eat or drink if I lived to eight-thousand years old, the more I'll drag this out...

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My confidence in the legal system delivering justice to our club is not high.... in fact it's so low that i can see us coming out of this needing to pay that fat slug more than the bheasts will have to pay in compensation to the victims of child abuse !!!

Corporate Law is a fvckin joke in this country !!!

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The tims are foaming at this court case, so do not believe any figures until it comes from RFC or someone connected to us.

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I'm also going to make up a number that we've to pay to sever the agreement.

Hearing that we're actually going to have to pay $1tn in order to sever the agreement. Pay up Mr King!!!


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Plus £1m capped ,which I hope is the true amount
The damages aren't capped - that was something Kings legal team wanted but the judge didn't agree with it as it would benefit us at the expense of SD.

Kings lawyers argued that if full damages awarded King/NOAL wouldn't have the money to pay - hence why they wanted it capped.

The judge went on to say that capped damages can't be used as an escape from a contract.


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The only facts so far:

Case has been heard
A judgement has been passed and delivered to the parties
The sports direct megastore at our stadium is closed.
Much nicer reading, I’m sure the club will provide an update soon. Occam’s razor and all that - let’s wait and see what happens before going into meltdown.