Rumoured leaked SPFL reorganisation document


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Could well be a fake . Who knows



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Seems better than current system.

Would make fixture planning far simpler - all fixtures could be mapped out at start of season.


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Any changes have to give notice and this ( if real ) would be their way of declaring Celtic as champions if the leagues aren’t completed.
I wouldn’t trust any new plans they are proposing until this season is either completed, or declared null and void.


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Scottish top league has been needing a refresh for years. Needed something to be done as it was an abomination in it's current format. SPFL weren't interested. Had no intention in doing anything.

Now they need to figure out how to award Celtic the title without relegating Hearts it's something to consider and look into now.

The league change isn't a bad idea at all. However, we all know why they are doing it.


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If celtic are awarded the title by default, without having to actually do the required work on the pitch to win it, then they can kiss goodbye to having decent competition in this league ever again. That will be one screwjob too many, and I’m not sure we will have the stomach for the fight after that.
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why on earth would we add 2 more games? they need to drop the league cup to add games and the wee teams wont vote for that.

must be the only league where you can be promoted and relegated in the same season


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Too complicated, simple solution is that you void this season, European places as per last season, promte Dun Utd and ICT, pre split its 26 games, top 6 break away means another 10 games = 36, bottom 8 meand a total of 40 games. You cant ask the top teams to play 40 league games, SC games, League cup games, European games and stil have a 3 week break?


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I don’t know why there’s such a clamour to have some convoluted system in place that avoids splits and re-arranging positions.

Just go for an 20 team league, play 38 league matches. Done.

Have a second tier of 24 teams, will give them all extra games every season to raise some additional income. Means every single team in Scotland is one promotion away from getting 2 games a season at home to the Old Firm.

I really cannot see any argument against it. If the TV companies veto it due to 2 old firms less, %^*& them, and we’ll do our own TV deals. They pay us a relative pittance anyway.


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I'm all for reconstruction but not for the reasons they will pushing it through for.

Anyway, I don't like the setup proposed if it is genuine. Think it should be 14 teams, split half way through with top 6 and bottom 8, less games for top teams which helps with Europe and likely latter Scottish cup stages. Bottom teams get extra games over the season to make up for us not visiting them.

The rest stay the same with a couple of new teams added at the bottom. Keeps it simple, keeps even number of home and away games.

Could add in 2 auto relegated 2 promoted to add extra spice to those games with 1 up via play offs etc

To add, this is only to appease TV for 4 games between us, I'd rather bigger league and play each other twice only but that ain't going to happen.


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Not one to be cynical. But it's not really that much different to now apart from 4 extra games a season.

And secondly - wouldn't the SPFL have their logo somewhere and would not use an abbreviation on the first page? (The Brand Marketers amongst us would have a fit).


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As bad as the SPFL and SFA are, I'm gonna give them enough credit to say they haven't put together that document.

In terms of the idea, I think the last thing we need is more complication, so a bottom split with 2 teams from the league below just sounds like a daft idea. I also think the season it packed enough without adding an extra 2 games in.

If we were to go for 14, then I think a top 6/bottom 8 split is the best way forward. It gives more time to those more likely to be in European competition and the latter stages of domestic cup competition, and more games to those who aren't.