Ryan Gauld

Route 55

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We could improve him further, if on a free then him in and someone like Barker, Stewart or Jones out could work.


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Fair enough it was under Lennon but he was absolutely pish when he was at Hibs.

erskine bear

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One is considered among the better players in Portugal and the other will be lucky to get promotion from the 3rd tier in England.
One is a winger who’s primary attribute is pace/one is an attacking midfielder who’s main attribute is his passing, is another thing to say :))


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But still not good enough for Rangers according to the FF Experts. :D
Would ignore a lot when it comes to European football on here. Continually shown up as devoid of knowledge in that subject for years.

Gauld would be another good option in this ever improving Rangers squad.


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I’m sold. I mean If the golf correspondent for The Grauniad is impressed then maybe he is worth a punt



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At a higher level??
You do realise the Portuguese league is unbelievably good. Streets ahead of Scotland. He is also playing for a small team who struggle. I would say he is doing very well all considering.

All those players I mentioned are playing for Old Firm or EPL teams.

I'm not gonna pretend I know much about the Portuguese league but we have competed and bettered 3/4 of their big clubs recently so I don't see how you can prove that its 'streets ahead' of Scottish football. Clearly a bit more depth but that also means their relegation fodder is probably at a similar level to ours.


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He would fit our system very well. Whether he can cope with the hammer throwers is another thing. I would take him depending on outgoings.