Ryan Jack - Source of Negativity? or is it lack of Movement in front of him


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Juup Heynkes Munich manager said give me an attack minded player and I will teach him to break play up, don't give me a defensive midfielder.

People saying we need him next week against Vienna. That statement personifies how far we have fallen from the likes of Hemdani.

Jack can't put his foot on the ball, he is nervous, the ball is a hot potatoes when he gets it.

Actually you can pick holes on all 5 players last night including the 2 wingers.


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Amazing last week he was great today he’s rubbish. Majority of the team had a bad game , they just couldn’t get one touch football going . One of the reasons believe or not there was another team on the park. After they got the goal they man marked silly fouls every feckin minute slowing the game down . If the referee had done his jobs and booked a couple of them could’ve made a difference.
The one thing it does let us down big time is individual players taking men on . that’s what Kent does he runs at them takes them on. So frustrating.


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We missed him at tynecastle shows you what jack brings to the team,but he did not have the best of games last night along with the rest of them.


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He's part of the problem. His distribution is awful. Our midfield options just are not good enough (excluding Arfield).

Another big games goes by Ryan Jack.


For me, he would improve the general speed of play by upping the tempo of his passing. The holding midfield role is to break up play but also start new attacks. Last night Aberdeen sat back in numbers and left Goldson and McAuley with the ball and they ended up having to find men with little to no movement making this very difficult. I expected a lot more ownership from the midfield but it did not happen. Not one of our better games.


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There’s a severe lack of options for us moving up the park which isn’t helped by the slow tempo we need to be quicker


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Doesn’t do enough for me. In fact his negativity and slow ponderous play kills me.

The entire midfield was the problem last night however.


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I would give McCrorie a chance in there with Rossiter against Dundee. Jack for me has it all to prove. He may come good with better players around him and he does a certain job for the team but he is part of a huge problem we have in midfield for me.
Our centre backs have nobody to pass too. Our midfield is like headless chickens scared to do anything. Coulibaly needs dropped completely from the squad never mind the team. Ejaria needs to play further forwarda nd actually do something in games. He is far to lad back for me. He has the talent but the brain I have doubts.


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Jack is to slow he can’t open his body up and make thing sharper. U look at the like of mcgregor with the tims. Opens his body up knows where the ball is going before he has it. Jack gets it two touches to stop it another two touches for the sherhell off it and then passes to the two centre halfs or goalie. when he gets the ball he needs to be on the forward foot driving us into the game. Personally hes not what we are needing imo.


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A lot of people have a blindspot when it comes to Jack.

His only attribute is breaking up play & he isn't even that good at that. In any case doing only that, is ok when we are on the backfoot in Europe etc.

Where we are dominating, he should be dropping in & always be available for the ball. When he gets the ball, he should be playing quick passes forward either out to the wingers or to the next advanced midfielder. Effectively acting as a base for attacks.

Instead he gets the ball, takes ages to pass & then only passes back or sideways to the defence.

As such, he is only doing half his role & isn't even particularly good at that either.

If we want to win anything, he should be a squad player at best.


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As if he's playing in hardening cement.

His level is an Aberdeen etc.
In every big game he's played down the years he's been bodied or doesn't show up. That's a mentality issue as well as lack of ability

He's ineffective when we are supposed to be attacking.

Needs dropped for a long time. If Gerrard was looking for an excuse to get Rossiter finally in, this is it


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Jack's role is to sit and break up play which he can do very well, its the two next to him that need replaced and with hopefully better quality in Jan/summer. I know Gerrard says we wont be doing much in Jan but I think we need to improve massively in some areas.

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I don't see why we should need two defensive midfielders in a home game against a mid table spl side.

I was pretty critical of jack last night and on the ball I stand by the view that he was woeful.

More dissatisfied this morning that we set up in midfield like we did and the wider team selection in general .

Responsibility for that result lies with gerrard for me.

Not jack, flannagan or Middleton etc.


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I thought his absolute refusal to drive forward last night was basically cowardice or at the very least a lack of belief in his ability. Either way, it's not acceptable for where we want to go.

All he did last night was get the ball, slow the play down and pass the ball sideways or backwards. Fine if you're taking the sting out of the game but no use whatsoever when you're 0-1 down and chasing the game.

He's a good player. His reading of the game when defending his excellent but his passing is sloppy beyond belief at times and he offers us nothing in games like last night when we have the majority of the ball and should be on the front foot.


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I would prefer McCrorie or Rossitor in that position , Jack doesn’t drive on rarely plays a pass with any menace it’s all safe sideways stuff which is ok away from home in Europe but not when we are playing against shite like last night.


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Crazy that some people think that Jack shouldn't be criticised tonight. He's never played a pass that wasn't risk free and takes too long to do it sometimes!

Tonight we constantly started moves off with him which turned out pointless as he just goes for the safe option every time.


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Surprised Jack is getting a pounding when Ejaria and Coulibaly were so poor. Ejaria consistently goes missing and plays more backwards balls and he's meant to be the more attacking role.

Is this an attempt to make a scapegoat of Jack after a poor overall team performance? I don't think he was worst against Aberdeen. Did some people think he was the reincarnated pirlo?


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I think the problem is a both lack of movement and lack of creativity in midfield. After four or five passes between full backs and centre backs, we end up launching it or making a move up the wing which invariably ends in hopeful crosses which are blocked or easily cleared. In the middle we rarely work triangles or give and goes and this is because of lack of movement and lack of bravery/technique on the ball. Thing is no one seems to want to drive through the middle and draw out players or even take a man on. As a result we’re forced out wide and since we don’t have much aerial power we can’t exploit this.

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I think last season, we had a little patch where McCrorie came in and played really well, and it allowed Jack to play a bit more football.
Jack is the only midfielder we have who can consistently find a man with a pass. He also does 80-90% of the stuff he does right.
I wouldn't go as far as to give him pass marks, but at least he's looking and trying to do the right things all the time. Coulibaly and Ejaria looked clueless at times.
Jack can play sitting, or he can play as a controlling type of midfielder. He can also play good forward passes if they are on. He won't beat players, and he can't shoot at all.
Those expecting things like that from him are always going to be disappointed.
We had many problems last night, but Ryan Jack was not close to being one of the main ones.

I'd still have him in the team every week.


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Surprised Jack is getting a pounding when Ejaria and Coulibaly were so poor. Ejaria consistently goes missing and plays more backwards balls and he's meant to be the more attacking role.

Is this an attempt to make a scapegoat of Jack after a poor overall team performance? I don't think he was worst against Aberdeen. Did some people think he was the reincarnated pirlo?
No, but I think he like Ejaria and Coulibaly needs to bring more to the table.


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Jack CAN play the ball forward. Anyone saying otherwise has a staunch defence of him.

Anyone that thinks it's his job just to lay the ball to McAuley or Goldson to play the ball up is deluded. It's Embarrassing that a top level midfielder either isn't trusted or isn't good enough to play the ball forward ahead of two centre backs.

His role may be to recycle the ball and break up play. But certainly not that manner. And if you think he gets pass marks, he can stay in that midfield for 500 games and never break a sweat.


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Ryan Jack is never going to be our creative force, that isn't his role in the team expecting that from him games is a bit like expecting Goldon to move up front and start pinging in overhead kicks.

Ejaria, Coulibaly and Candieas are the guys who are supposed to be making things happen.


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Jack was berating the lack of movement on numerous ocassions. It was the lack of movement that forced us square and back. That isn't Jack's fault. Where else is the ball meant to go? This in turn led to our ever impatient crowd going tonto about retaining posession, which became a vicious circle in the pattwrn of the game.


I didn’t think Jack was great tonight but that’s because everyone around him was crap.


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Ryan Jack was the only outfield player who did what he was deployed to do i.e. play as a defensive midfielder. His job was to break things up and give the ball to those who are supposed to be our `creative` players, but that, of course, is where the plan fell apart. Coulibaly and Ejaria just aren`t good enough, yet the manager continues to shoehorn them into the side. We have better kids than them on our books and they are the ones we should be looking to develop.

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We needed more energy, movement and someone willing to commit players ahead of him.

Unfortunately there wasn’t and this job was left with McAuley and Goldson, as they were being left on it and it’s obviously not their game.

Lewis Ferguson was basically man marking Jack when they had 11 men, I’d have hoped the against 10 we’d have found a way to move he ball quicker. wed have been better putting Halliday on for Flanagan and playing as normal for 10/15 after half time to try and break them down imo.

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I still thought he was better than Ejaria who’s meant to be giving us that spark. I think I read somewhere that he has one assist and one goal which for someone in that position isn’t good enough

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I like Jack and will admit to expecting much more from him tonight given the opponents.

Every pass tonight was to the side and he showed nothing creative for me - is he the source of the problem or is it our inability to pull players out of position.
Ryan Jack is a sitting/holding midfielder, his job is basically a facilitator. He gets on the ball and gives it to the players there to create. He protects our back four.

The glaring lack of creativity against teams who sit in cannot and should not be laid at Jack's door.

Last night we had two full-backs who created nothing going forward, two wide-men who couldn't beat a carpet and two midfielders who didn't have a single positive effect on the 90mins.

Ryan Jack,along with McGregor and the two centre-backs largely did what he is there to do. If we're looking to aportion blame then the six I've mentioned plus Morelos are where that blame should be aportioned.

The selection of Flanagan in particular, in a game where we knew we'd have so much of the ball was baffling.