Ryan Kent is worth £30m to Rangers insists Ally McCoist


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Young, English, Liverpool graduates Jordan Ibe, Brewster, Solanke all went for how much!
Add in title winning, big game performing, 3 seasons of European experience for Kent and we all know the valuation is mind boggling


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Kent will bring us in serious money, he's only going to get better, a blind man can see that. Ryan won't go back the way barring a bad injury. (god forbid)


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I’m all for pundits talking up our players’ values in the media, but no one is paying £30m for Ryan Kent.

At least not yet.

The only thing stopping him from going for that kind of money right now is consistency.

If he had an entire season playing the way he did against Celtic last week, excelling in the Champions League and scoring 15-20 goals into the bargain, that kind of money isn’t impossible to imagine considering the current Scottish record is only £5m short of it.


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Bit harsh.

Not saying he is not a good player only saying he is not worth 30m as he has not been as consistent as a player worth 30m would be
Only jesting mate.

I actually do agree he could be a little bit more consistent, especially against the diddy teams. But when you look at the fees some absolutely bang average English players go for I don’t think £25-30 million is too outrageous a fee to aim for when you see how good he is against better players.

At the very least it should let clubs know we aren’t going to be push overs in the transfer market.

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Bit harsh.

Not saying he is not a good player only saying he is not worth 30m as he has not been as consistent as a player worth 30m would be
Goal involvement , work rate add that to stats you said , always find it quite strange why some are so determined to talk down one of our own . If you are talking consistency ,Tierney was consistently injured and went for £25m . :D

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25 before we even start talking to anyone imo. Leeds recent valuations quoted in the papers are joke figures imo.
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Kent has performed well not just domestically but in Europe also , I don’t see anything wrong with the valuation

I’m surprised more of the media aren’t talking about these figures for Kent considering they put a £40 million price on the head of a Celtic striker for scoring goals against Hamilton, Kilmarnock and the Andorra under 21’s with a huge percentage of his goals at home and for the French youths coming from the spot

I often wonder what he’d be worth if he had a European pedigree and goals record like 23 goal Morelos who incidentally scored more group stage goals in one campaign than the £40 million French penalty taker has combined since he joined Celtic in 2017

Now where are the Scottish media with all those multi million rated headlines for the Rangers striker ........


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people forget for all the attacking Kent does he does so much defensive tracking back too, he never stops running. He has now got everything in his game imo and our most expensive asset by far. £30m is the starting bid if he is going to leave.

Alex Venters

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Ryan Kent is no where near a 30 million player, he has come into his own the past few games but I thought he has been pretty average the rest of the season
The fact that he is not one of the nominees for POTY would seem to back this up. I have been critical of Kent in the past, I felt he drifted out of the danger area too often. When he plays in the final third he can be sensational. I still think he overplays at times and could simplify his game but he is a huge talent and will secure us a tidy profit


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Not agreeing/dis-agreeing with you here but interested to hear who you think he would replace at any of the top four? He may be a decent squad player for West Ham or Leicester but I don't think he gets near a Man City, Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea squad.
He's better than Benrahma.



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Bit harsh.

Not saying he is not a good player only saying he is not worth 30m as he has not been as consistent as a player worth 30m would be

How many down south were consistent or the finished article ?

Jarrod Bowed and Said Benrahma were nowhere near the finished article or had kicked a ball in the EPL and yet went for £18m and £25m before add ons (£7m and £5m respectively) kicked in.

If Ryan Kent had performed the way he has this season for Brentford, Watford or Norwich he'd be getting talked about going for a hell of a lot more than the nonsense £15m we've been peddled by the media.

Absolutely no reason whatsoever Kent shouldn't be in the same ball park figure wise.


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I fully appreciate he'd be very difficult & expensive to replace - but every player is only worth what someone is willing to pay for him & I can't see too many clubs forking out £30M
That doesn't mean he's not worth that - or he's less value for money than others who have gone for more
It does no harm though to have these figures out there - hopefully it puts off those thinking they can get him on the cheap - like Leeds tried earlier


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Ghosted past Greg Taylor like he was a traffic cone. Sent Scott Brown running in the opposite direction like a lost wee boy. Made Lustig throw in the towell and twisted and turned Boyata's hamstring till it gave up on him.

Going to take at least 30m to give that level of piss taking away.


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If these media hacks were trying to claim 40-50m for Ajer and Eduoard then that's what we should be asking for. Unrealistic but why not. I think Realistically because of the league we are in £30m is the most we will get.


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I don't think he gets into those teams now but after a few years at a West Ham, Everton etc he could be at that level. All ifs and buts mate but there's a premium for English potential
Look at van Dijk. Went to Southampton and clearly excelled, now look at him.

Kent has that raw talent and potential.


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If the club don’t actively look to sell, any potential buyers have to make an offer not at what he’s valued at but a figure that entices us to sell.

Highland Gers

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Terrific player with still so much more to give. I really hope we can hang onto him for at least another season, but if not I would think we should be looking for north of 25 million

For me he is the one payer in Scotland that gets folk of their seats

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I actually think Scott Wright has the potential to hugely increase Kent's value to us both in winning games and in the transfer market.

If Wright develops his game, allied to his speed, teams will not dare to double up on Kent.

Kent's contribution in goals and assists could go through the roof(e).


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If he’s going to the EPL they can forget the £12m bids. Comfortably north of £15m for me


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This is the sort of thing mxcoist should be doing using his platform to promote rangers not having a go at morales as he puts it


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I don’t think mccoist is far off. Some of the dross that goes for £20m is laughable, he’s also done really well in Europe, consistently.
£30m is a realistic price imho


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Would you pay 30 million for a player who has only scored 22 goals and had 13 assists in 83 games?
Absolutely not.
But it's the market we are operating in so we have make the most of it.
Solanke went for 20m after 1 goal in 20 odd games for Liverpool. Jordon Ibe went for 15m after scoring 1 goal in 40 odd games.
Neither of those players could lace Kent's boots. The fact that he is English and only 24 means that we should demand a premium for him.


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If he played for an English team he'd certainly go for 30m+

Sadly in this hell hole the best I think we'll get is 25 and even that might be pushing it,

But I am certainly fucking glad people like Ally are finally starting to fight our corner re: transfer fees. Far too often do we see people say our players are worth 3 and 4 million while all theirs are worth 20+


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Would you pay 30 million for a player who has only scored 22 goals and had 13 assists in 83 games?
What we would pay for a player and what other teams would pay for a player is on two complete opposite ends of finances.

For £30m we'd be looking for the likes of Messi

In the EPL £70m gets you the likes of Kepa