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I got pelters for questioning his contribution against the Sheep.
I saw nothing to change my opinion tonight!!
He was anonymous and the game was passing him by.
Him and wright went missing. Wrights gonna really struggle to even get picked for the bench after that the night. Utter crap.


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Obviously give him time, but should never have started either of the league games so far.

Genuinely not a clue what type of midfielder he is at the moment.


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Not sure defensive mids were the order of the day, to be honest, but helped us keep a clean sheet, I suppose.

Would have come in for a lot more criticism, no doubt, if Arfield didn't get that goal.


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Needs time to settle but if honest, doesn't look a player at all on the basis of the two games. Hope he proves me wrong but I haven't seen any real attributes.

Nerf Herder

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We have too many of this type of midfielder - just basic, side to side passers.

I want someone who can drive forward from the middle of the park but it looks like we are now allergic to signing that type of player.


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He’s been here 2 minutes. He played well against Aberdeen but the narrative seems to be to suggest he didn’t. Give the guy a chance.

I cant honestly believe anyone thought he was poor against Aberdeen. All I can say if it was not for him we would not have even got 1 point. Faded second half but was the main man in midfield prior.


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Apparently he can play centre half and right back too,which I think must be the main reason we signed him to give cover in these areas.

With Jack back, I doubt we'll see him play DM again anytime soon.
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Wonder who thought we could be doing with another centre mid that never goes forward when deciding on this signing

the upsetter

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I've had a drink as well tonight but would suggest that passing judgement on Sands at this stage might just be a tad premature.