Saturday’s Football (all updates in here)


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Gerrard may be interested in signing Jimmy bell as I see villa Kitman didn’t have a spare top with Ramsay name on it

(Thought you weren’t allowed not to have number on back of shirts now


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Lino having an absolute mare in the Talbot Hearts game.

That’s two goals he’s chalked off that were clearly onside.


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Think big Dunc has just gone with those he knows. Don’t think the left back they signed from Kiev is in the squad either


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Not really played much and the worst time to join a team is when they are struggling. I'm sure he will be a regular fixture in their team in the coming years.

Blues and Royals

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A superlative performance from Hearts according to the man child and the other tosser. You’d think they were up against Real Madrid here rather than a junior mob called Auchinleck Talbot.

Kirbys House

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Comical that the ref didn't give that penalty :D
I had to look him up as I didn't recognise him, Greg Aitken. Last game he did of ours was 2-0 at home to County, October 2020; can't mind any contentious decisions tbh.

Edit - talking shite, there was already no fans.


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Anyone got Richarlison for a red card today?

Not much football getting played but plenty of niggle.


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Got jumped by around 10 forest guys with metal poles etc few years ago in Kent (feck knows why they decided to go on a jumping spree in Kent but hey ho).

Mon the Derby!


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Watching Everton reminds me how much I despise Jordan Pickford….he must be the most overrated goalkeeper in the whole EPL and thinks he some sort of world beater. The screaming and moaning at everything is just pathetic.

ok - just pulled off a good save as I type….. but still a prick.