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Madden and the other officials have a duty of care to the players. Pointing and saying there are more stewards now isn't good enough.
When we go there and if this happens to any of our players and bottles and coins rain down then we should walk off the pitch as we would be in our rights to do so.


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I see they are gonna bring in the injury prone Mikey Johnston for jota, another one of their wonder kids that's done nothing.
He is called 'Magic' Mikey because he disappears for 7 months of the season
all they need to do is say they want it and they will get it bit like the 19/20 season.

LOL 133

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I see McGowan is attempting the false equivalence logical fallacy by comparing Beaton's correct penalty award at Easter Road with Mulvanny being in the perfect position to give Kyogo as offside, but refusing to call it correctly.

Its unbelievable how biased he is. It must take a bit of time to put his articles together to give the impression of objectivity while planting little seeds of bigotry.

He mentions the flares at Easter Road implying they were thrown by our fans. No mention of Hibs.


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I watched the game v Livingston and I didn’t hear any songs about Burns. Is McGowan making shit up?

Oh wait, the fucker who used to work for Savile FC making things up, that would never happen