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Bain of ra septic, wouldn't get it having played for diddy clubs with poor support,wait till you hear the noise when we do win something,in the meantime concentrate on your own game while you can,! McCann didn't bump you for no reason.


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Not one report on the biggest scandal in British sporting history? Our country is headed for the ruins.
The small piece in the Stephen McGowan article is very good. He brings up something that has not been highlighted before. McCafferty was an employee at Celtic when he carried out some of his horrible crimes. They even took place inside the cess pit. The can't hide this as it came out in court.


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I hope these comments by Bain and other Celtic players are framed and hung around the dressing room and the Hummel training ground. It certainly worked for Walter’s teams.
They've got it coming to them. The start of the season can't come quick enough. We only need 3/4 players of decent quality, where as with them,by the time they get a manager in and by the time they get in the players they want,we'll be streets ahead because the building blocks are in place. They won't know what's hit them,the big eye opener was the game at their pit where we turned up in a way we didn't do previously,and some and ynlicky not to win that. All bodes well.


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Re Sutton - why on earth should Rangers fans ‘be embarrassed’ to celebrate an OF victory? I can’t bloody wait for next season to ram these smug fuckers words down their throats and I bet the players and management are the same

Warren Hill

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There you have it folks, celebrating an OF win? Let me think who was the last side not to?
Sutton is boring now. Rangers could win the Champions League and he'd still come out with a line.
In media circles Sutton is nothing more than the village idiot.

Vote For Pedro

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Scott Bain always seems to have a lot to say. You’d think he’d keep quiet considering he didn’t move at our first goal and that he’d a pretty average goalkeeper!

Danger Zone

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Hehe. And here I thought the real ‘embarrassment’ was changing the rules (no action if the referee sees and deals with the incident at that time) purely to punish a Rangers player.


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.....that photo of the tims new bhoy-wonder..!

Makes young Zelalem look like the Hulk.

Back on the old boards we'd have had a three page photoshop thread out of that.