Saturday's Hotline




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Gordon Ashleigh is really the Rhebel sports editor, thats the name he uses for his hotline contribution.
He composes it on a piece of bog roll when having his morning dump and hands it to whoever is 'manning the phones' to correct the spelling & grammar and remove the swear words.

Bear all

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Rangers fan embarrassed themselves last season missed that,didn’t miss that mob celebrating a Title awarded to them but was never won that was embarrassing.


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Who's that fanny from Mossblown? Get the Ferry Inn chap to have a word

Hi Exile, if you scrawl through the many hotline threads, phew. You will see previously i have said there is no such person as the "Ayr Utd" fan Ian Tomlinson in Mossblown. In true fashion as well his, input this time mirrors what i said before. He more or less backs up Mr Ashley's point but worded slightly different.

Mr Ashley if you are reading, you know it is actually Ashleigh, Eh ?. Imagine hiding behind that you bitter wee man. Correction you bitter wee bastart.

Previously known as Craig Gordon as well on the hotline. It is the work of two seperate roasters who used to call in and use their own names

There are two possibilties who these mutants are, between Mossblown and Ayr bears detection work. The old multiple username technique is what they are using. Maybe not together. But they are narrowed down.

One works out in the open air, within the rough with a nice smooth green, it could be a hole in one if we are correct. The other one works in confined spaces when the shop doors are locked.

Need to be sherlock holmes till we get that wee bit of info that 100% Nails them.