Scarfs on the goal posts

Blue Star

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I dont want to see us doing anything that celtic do, like tying a scarf griffiths style or doing a huddle which we did before anyway. A Rangers or Union flag in the centre circle would certainly be good though

Elder Duderino

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If the league is won before we visit the chamber of secrets I'd like the team to give them no regards whatsoever, complete indifference, like we've just beat Aberdoom. Not a snowball's chance in hell it'll happen though.


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They should just each and every one of them walk across to where our fans would be and take a bow, turn round and walk off the park with there heads held high. Pure class personified, no digs no sneering just the Rangers way.


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Pump them on the park, embarrass them, enjoy it and walk off with dignity. They’ll hate that even more.

We are above them

Johnny Fontane

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Stupid, stupid idea. We're better than that.

Pinheid did it because we live in his head, he is obsessed with us as is the tramp who manages him. We should see them as just another team we have to play to win the league. They're not worthy of our hate, they're nothing.

Rangers daft

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I wouldn't even give the wee dick the satisfaction of letting him know it ever bothered me. I'd much rather someone ties a bag of smack on some fishing line and comically pulls it along the touchline while he chases after it


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I’m doing it here. When they were gifted the league last year, one of their stinkin fans tied a scarf to the local football parks crossbar. I’ve already got an old scarf looked out, once it’s confirmed, I’m heading down there , got big b@start cable ties for reinforcement.

Red White &Blue

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It's all about humiliating the scum fans.
Let there be no doubt to anyone of us that the ONLY way to do that
with class and triumphalism is to beat them on the park while nutmegging them, sitting on the ball, showboating and hammering them by as many goals as we can.
There is no comeback from that.
They will never ever forget it.
It will be instilled on every one of these Mhanky b*astards memories.
They will be haunted.


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There’s a time and a place to win with dignity, and that time will be next season.

There’s an awful lot of payback needed to humble these bastards. If the Daily Record don’t have a piece about us being “bad winners” then I’ll be most disappointed.

Rub it in, Rangers.