Score Predictions against Livi?

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Livi unbeaten in like 12 games and very tight at the back, they will play a 5-4-1/4-5-1

2-0 Gers seems the obvious scoreline to me. An early goal though and we possibly could maul them 4 or 5, but I'll say 2-0.

Rangers 2-0 Livingston


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A complete bore fest as Livingston try to replicate the tarriers spoiling tactics.

Be a bit nervy until the first goal which might well be from a set piece.

After the first we will run out comfortable winners but we will all leave the ground less than satisfied.

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Usual collection of high-scoring predictions - which come to fruition about twice a season.:rolleyes:

Tough game, kicked off the park - but a ‘comfortable’, dominant win by a couple of goals.


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Away from home, plastic pitch, after the international break against a team in 3rd place. Given that we will drop points in some games along the way this season, I fear this could be one of those occasions. I'm going 1-1 but hoping for 0-3.


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Livingston are well organised and hard to break down but I reckon we'll have enough for them.
2-0 Gers with the goals coming fairly late on


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As all teams now play against us,when we are on the ball 11 men behind the ball,and try and take us on the break!,they have lost a couple of physical players,but replaced them with a couple of physical players,they will play their normal game.
3-0 to the Glasgow Rangers,Alfie,aribo,katic.
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