Scotland to name new boss within 48 hours.


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The candidates, steady now...

Derek McInnes
Steve Clarke
Scott Gemmell
Jack Ross

I'd be amazed if it's not Scott Gemmell - already involved with the blazers and cronies, plus he'll be cheap as f.uck.
Moyes has been seen at every game for weeks, be shocked if he has not been ear marked for it.


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Clarke will announce it during his speech on Sunday. No Moyes suggests he is bound for the paedodome.

Makes sense him being at Rangers Vs Aberdeen the other week. Checking out the competition for next season.


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I think Clarke would a good appointment, sets his teams up hard to beat which has been the most successful approach for Scotland in the last 20 years

Stanley Yelnats

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Couldn’t care less tbh.

Glad he isn’t going to Tarriers, as I do think he is an intelligent manager.

Moyes to Celtic looks even more likely. Think about him up viewing all the games here, even the relegation fodder with his pen and notepad.