Euro 2020 Scotland Vs Czech Republic

Al khobar-ger

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Agreed, worse when the parents are shouting to the bairns 'Get f*cking intae them' from the touchline.
My old man came and watched me through under 15’s right through to amateur in my late 30’s and this was his mantle.
Then he went to see his grandson from under 7 ‘ still under 13’s And he would act the same same -get intae them !
Funny when I think back , but not funny at the tine :)


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I had a debate with a Queens Park diehard years ago who's two great loves in his life were QP and Scotland. I asked him how he dealt with constant failure with little prospect of ever winning anything. The attitude was that winning wasnt important, he enjoyed the 'purism' of the amateur game, a defeatist attitude which carried over to his support for Scotland, who I had to remind him were run by amateurs. At least he laughed with me and agreed the last point. My offer to take him to Ibrox to see a game being won was firmly rejected.

Its not going to get better guys, best just stick with the Rangers.
Was it a guy called KeithMcAllister by any chance?


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I think Clarke will go with the following team for the England game:

Hanley Cooper Hendry
Forrest McTominay McGinn McGregor Robertson
Adams Nisbet

Personally I'd have Gilmour in ahead of McGregor.

Forrest actually did well when he came on and offered a lot more than O'Donnell but that wouldn't have been hard.

Can Forrest defend?

Defending is going to be important to say the least.


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Not a hope in hell. England will win comfortably, and after today’s showing I’m pretty sure Croatia will too.

The facts are that Scotland are only in this tournament because 1) it’s been expanded, and 2) there was a convoluted qualification process that effectively allowed countries two or three bites at the cherry, and even then we only scraped in by the skin of our teeth.

In short, we’re pish and will be found out at this level.
Told you so. :D


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Some wonderful revisions going on now about how Scotland didnt play badly, they were just not clinical enough etc.

What tosh. They were beyond abysmal and for all their running about like headless chickens they never looked like being able to get anything from the game.

Now, they either revert totally to form and get tanked vs Croatia or the England buzz dopes them a little longer and they pull of the unimaginable.

Either way, a mistake ridden performance like this Czech game indicates its closer to the norm than a blip for this group.