Euro 2020 Scotland Vs Czech Republic


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Just when you think scotland have exciting young players with bags of talent in the team, he plays this utter dross. Fully expect us to sit in the full game and bore the life out of everyone watching.


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That team is getting scudded, no two ways about it.

I'd love to be wrong, but this feels like looking at the team sheets before the Old Firm game in September 2019.

Wrong team, wrong tactics, overthought it.

Johnny Yen

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He has been ultra cautious with that line up, really poor look on paper.

This has got drab 0-0 written all over it.

Chris the Bandito

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I'm not defending McGregor and Gilmour is developing in to a great player, but he made 2 appearances for Chelsea in last season's Champions League. He hardly played a vital role in the run.
One of the arguments against McGregor and Christie is that they DID play a vital role in Sellick's Champions League campaign. And last year's. Flat track bullies who don't get a kick against half decent footballers


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Clarke's best tactic for us is Robertson to run get as fast and as far up the park as he can, hopefully winning a shy 40 yards further up. Need Che or McGinn to conjure up a worldy here
* Oooh shit, just realised it's Dykes over Che Adams :oops:
Glad Armstrong is in but that's a lineup and a half isn't it?!


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That's a desperate starting 11, hopefully the bench can eek out a result later in the game. I think Czech Republic will win unfortunately.


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Can't begin to tell you how shocked I am that Steve Clarke favours a midfielder from Celtic who hits the top of the stands with wild shots with alarming regularity over a £15m EPL striker. Absolutely did not see that one coming. At all.


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I really do want to support my country but it isn't easy when you have a manger that's more concerned with platitudes to the media than he is with putting the best team out there. Clarke knows if he loses they will not come down as hard on him due to the token celtic players been put in the team.
In saying all that, hope we win.


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No surprise he shat out of picking Gilmour and Patterson

Christie of Che Adams is another shocker - Christie has been a shambles all season.


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Assuming Christie is playing in front of them that midfield 3 of McGinn, Armstrong and McTominay is good and the 3 centre halves are about as good as we can do if Tierney is injured. Christie instead of Adams or Gilmour is the only real surprise in that lineup.


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I’m bemused at that starting XI. No Adams, no Patterson, no Gilmour.
Don’t mind Armstrong starting, but he’s got a difficult time coming up explaining that team if Scotland don’t get a result today.