Scott Brown Likes Tweet Criticising Lennon After This Evenings Humiliation to Cluj


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I'm sure Michael Johnston liked a tweet calling Sinclair and Morgan pish the other day as well.

Good times.
He can hardly talk. Whenever i have seen him play he's done absolutely nothing. Compare the hype of him to someone like Middleton when one has made a big impact away from home to teams like Villareal and Spartak Moscow and the other scores against the worst domestic and european sides they get matched up with


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I wanted them to bring in somebody who hadn’t been managing here instead of Lemon. Bringing someone who doesn’t know the “intricacies” of the league would be good now.


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This could be bigger than we think.

Even if it were true and was a complete accident this will linger in their minds, particularly Lurgan.

Tonight's result is horrendous on it's own, but can Broonaldo be trusted? Let's hope this grows arms and legs in the dressing room and prove that the tweet is mightier than the sword.


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That bullshit. He’s been caught out what he’s even doing on twitter after that who knows
These excuses are absolute comedy gold. They are just casually flicking through but out of ALL the tweets he could have "accidently" hit the like button it's that one.

I'm calling BULLSHIT ya Lego chewing, kebab slabbering mongo bastard.


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Even if it was a mistake it’s now burrowed it’s way into the bhigot’s pea sized brain like a malicious and malignant vole. You can bet yer arse it will be tapping him on the shoulder when he’s sitting slabbering into his beer at his latest fenian shitehole saying “that cnut disrespected ye Neil...that dirty bastard disrespected ye...”
Love it :)


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If he drops brown for a few games I can see the dressing room totally imploding I can imagine he has a lot of power in there dressings room


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My only worry is that this happening too early in the season.

If there is indeed turnoil, they have plenty of time to find someone competent that can galvanise them and actually improve them.

Id rather this was happening around christmas but in saying that, it’s encouraging

Bear all

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It will be about right for Brown to bale out before he comes up against a Rangers team that can match and beat them,he has had his free reign I do hope he stays around though to be put firmly in his place.