Scott Brown Likes Tweet Criticising Lennon After This Evenings Humiliation to Cluj


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I see Dan P has been quoted in DR as saying scum should automatically be in group stages and feels sorry for them. Dickhead!
He’s just getting into the queue to apply for the manager’s job at the Piggery behind Hartson and McGoo.
Got a feeling though the tarriers will follow the examples of Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney and go for a top player without managerial experience - step forward Lego (please!).


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Why is Brown looking at tweets that are critical of his boss?

He can say the like was accidental, but the fact that he was reading comments attacking Lennon is a kick in the stones to his manager.
Social media can be great for you in certain instances....but it can also be tragic for you.
In this case, for Timmy, it is proving to be utterly toxic.
And l for one, love it!!!

I await the next step from Popcorn....the banning of ALL players from Social Media.
Watch this space ;)

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Can't count the amout of times I've liked stuff by accident on twitter.

But that is far too much of a coincidence imo.

Excuse is as bad as Jolean Lescot's "my phone was in my pocket and I posted a picture of a £100k car" excuse after being pumped 8-0 or something :D
Went on holiday yesterday. I noticed the score was 3-2 to them when I went past pub that was showing it. I assumed they had won. Only just found out they got beat! Absolutely hilarious stuff!!
TLB twitted that response on Lego's phone, didn't think the meltdown was going to be
this quick however bring it on. They deserve everything that comes their way.