Scott Brown walks out mid interview when Rangers winning the title at Parkhead mentioned


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It was they who made a big thing about us not doing a guard of honour for them a couple of years back, insisting they would if it were the other way around (not believing that was likely any time soon). So now the boot's on the other foot and they don't like it.

He's one of the luckiest footballers ever to play in Scotland. A thug with little skill who has scooped up trophies galore thanks to our collapse back in 2012 and no worthy competition, but now we are back and he doesn't like it. He was always the first to rub it in when they were on top but he'll be one of the first to hide when we do it. Scum.


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Him and his mutant team mates weren't slow rubbing it in and lapping it up against a Rangers side that was the level of Aberdeen. Actually quite embarrassing the way him and his pals acted, as if they'd actually achieved something. They deserve every bit of agony coming their way. I certainly won't be letting up. Not so fcucking big now. Shown up for the shaite they are against a real Rangers team.


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What's this with the t-shirt? Obviously something has been said but I must've missed it. Is it part of his "hardman" act?


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Can see him getting himself sent off at parkhead without a doubt he won't want to be anywhere near the pitch when we rip the piss out of them and take that trophy home


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He'll probably wait until the interviewer is standing behind him, oblivious, and elbow him in the jaw.
Classless prick, running away when he has to deal with a difficult question. f8ck him!
I'm sure I can hear someone in the background shouting oi mongo clear your Lego off the dressing room floor now or it goes in the bin that's why he left so fast


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When we are 3 - 0 ahead I would then love one of our players to take him out the game just for the sheer comedy factor,

him lying on a heap and us still knocking the c*** out him while hes crawling about in agony,the thought of that warms my cockles no end!! B-)


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Didn't think that this could get any better but confirmation of the pain and suffering inflicted on this mutant has made it so.

A shitebag who will forever be nothing more than a footnote with an asterisk next to his name in the books of footballing history. He'll probably shite out of the game at the piggery because he'll not be able to cope with the thought of Davis, Jack, Arfield and Aribo passing the ball round him.