Scott Wright's incredible Europa League Record!

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After two game weeks of the Europa League Scott has the unenviable record, so far, of committing more fouls than any other player of which 365 players have featured in the competition.

He's only been active in Europe for 31 minutes ffs! :))

(Fashion and Ianis in the top ten also)



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I hope he can be a player for us.
He has to realise the sheep demands are far lower than ours.
Not written him off yet.


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Well if it’s a per game stat, which wasn’t explained in the OP, unbelievable and incredible is getting carried away. Mention of number of games played also becomes less relevant (except to say that in a 2 game sample, outliers are far more likely).

It does appear highly improbable someone with so few minutes should top the list.


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He is too eager with everything he does just now, similar to Kent when he first came up.

He's got ability but there's a massive difference between having ability and making the most of your ability!


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I think he showed naivety in the EL games, especially against Lyon.

They played it pretty smart and drew him into fouls. He took the bait every time.


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The Lyon players picked up on his inexperience pretty quickly and used it to their advantage in seeing out the game.

The more I've seen of him I just don't think he's a particularly intelligent footballer, you can't question his work rate and he's got a good bit of pace on him but his decision making is poor.

For me he's a squad player for domestic games, he just isn't at the level needed for Europe.


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I have always said every time he comes on, the a mount of fouls AGAINST him is unreal. Looks like I know f all

Nah, I agree with you. He was given a rough time against Lyon. Kicked up in the air a few times and no foul given and then when he went to get the ball back, had a foul given against him.

It was a comical refereeing performance at points.

Do agree with @the_baron too though. His inexpereince / decision making could be improved in the next while if he's going to go up a level.


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I'm not sure what to make of him yet, he's bulked up but still seems to be constantly falling over or on his arse.


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Felt for him a bit against Lyon. He got over excited and they played him like a fiddle. Inexperience

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Defending from the front. Get tore in Scott.

I would exchange a few more fouls and cards in those Europa games in exchange for more energy and will to win than we showed.

We played too much like we were up to the speed of last season. We're not there. Until we are, we need players to chase and fight. Earn the right to play with the ball.

He'll learn to do it with more subtlety hopefully.

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I think it is too early to judge Scott Wright just yet, but his goal/assist rates are not good enough at the moment, he need to improve things a bit.


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It is just wee things with Wright rather than him being miles off it.

Against Hibs he was a good out, was giving them bother down his wing and he will press for the ball all day but just before half time he had a wee chance to play a reverse pass into Morelos that would have been a hell of a chance, instead he took a shot. It is just decisions like that he needs to start making, he isn't miles away.


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The boy needs to kick on. I think we're all hoping for big things from him this season, he definitely has the talent he just needs to develop that final killer pass and get more among the goals


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I think it is too early to judge Scott Wright just yet, but his goal/assist rates are not good enough at the moment, he need to improve things a bit.
I agree.I like him and he’s got potential but needs to start contributing a bit more now.He’s been getting decent chances in big games from Gerrard.Time to kick on now.

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Reckon that many European refs still have the mindset that Scottish teams are all physical hammer throwers, which to be fair out with us and them, they are. So they are already primed to give any cheap foul against us. Something Scottish refs are only too happy to follow.