MOTM Poll Scottish Cup Final - Rangers v Hearts - Saturday 3pm Premier Sports and BBC 1

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Striker on now please Gio. Stop fucking around. We've got no outlet for our players. Kent has decided not to bother playing again today so could take him off.


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BBC commentator likes to mention all the times we failed but never mentions the amount of times we've won it.


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Gordon hasn't had a save to make. Thankfully neither has McLaughlin apart from the one Simms hit the post with.

We need to get Arfield and Davis off.


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Seriously now starting to worry about this game! Our energy levels must be getting affected by this and Wednesday's game.


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Surely Gio can see that it’s time to take Aribo and Arfield off?

Aribo for Roofe or Sakala, Lowry on for Arfield and let’s open these frauds up.