MOTM Poll Scottish Cup Final - Rangers v Hearts - Saturday 3pm Premier Sports and BBC 1

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Seriously what a gem of a player we have in Calvin Bassey.

We will all remember early in the 2nd half of regulation time when he just missed that double drag over with three Hearts players all over him but even then he kept possession with a deft bit of footwork.

He is going to attract so much attention......they can start the bidding at 30 big ones.


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I'm declaring right now, even before the poll is up, Calvin Bassey my man of the match.... Outstanding from Big Bass today the kid is a machine.
Plays 120 minutes on the Wednesday in 2nd biggest game in European football. Wins MOTM.

Plays 120 minutes less than 70 hours later in the Scottish "centrepiece" match. Wins MOTM again.


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how much did that show gio didnt trust the fitness of roofe or ramsey to come on for any part of extra time?


Big bassey is an absolute gem. What a player. Only player that started worth pass marks IMO. Subs changed the game and well done to gio for making them he was spot on. Kamara, wright and jack changed the match. Still man of the match has to be bassey


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Considering the effort the boys put in, this Scottish Cup is the least we deserved. In reality that was a straight forward win that took longer than it should have but it's incredibly good to win the SC again.

Treble next season please Gers.


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Tough ask probably mentally for the players during the week.

But they prevailed to an inferior bag of shit and a ref.

Well done bears.


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Thank Chr*st for that.
Winners of the Scottish Cup !

Bassey adding on even more millions to his value today.

I'd worried that Gio wasn't making the right subs when he brought on both Jack & Kamara, but he obviously knows more about football than I do !!
A real turnaround after HT, with us playing further up the field, passing forwards when we could, and showing both ambition and drive.

Congrats to all the players and the management staff.


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Delighted with that for so many reasons: First time since 09.
Gio getting silverware in his first season.
This wonderful team of players adding to a trophy haul that simply wasn't big enough to reflect how good they've really been, just before some of them move along to pastures new - especially utter legends like McGregor and Davis.
And to rally from Wednesday night, showing the mental resilience that embodies this club, as well as the outrageous physical fitness, is astonishing.

Sherbet Dab

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Well done to that team, thought that cvnt Gordon was gonna win it for them. We dug deep and deserved that. Feel so much better now after that, the very least we deserved this season. Well done troops, absolute machines.