Scottish Cup Quarter Final - Aberdeen vs Rangers/Kilmarnock


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Think the club will make tickets first come first served again due to timescale if we beat Killie?


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There was 4 games shown in this round, so I would imagine all 4 quarter finals will be on TV. Any ideas on who gets what picks?


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Good motivation to annihilate the alcoholics hammer throwers in the replay, we have some cup retribution to settle with those sheep shagging bastards. Might as well do it the hard way and pump the lot of them, St Pat's in the semi final
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Premier Sports for our game and Celtic

Looking ahead no 5.15pm kick-off on the Saturday as Premier Sports are showing 2 Pro14 games at that time on unless one is moved to Free Sports

weekend of 2nd/3rd March
Friday night?


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When do we think the game will be? Early kickoff Sunday? Need to put in for the day off very soon.


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Would have been happy enough playing them at home, away will be a very difficult game as it always is up there.

Ticket wise here's hoping we get circa 4k, should get a ticket regardless tbf.

(As long as we beat Killie......)

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Cops will be rubbing their hands, nice wee easy afternoon stopping Supporters Buses hoping a bear has taken a wee carry out on the bus.


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Numerous, the fuukin willingness to be drawn away was fuukin overwhelming.

There are many that should be fuukin hangin their heids in shame.
Bore ‘fuukin’ Off :)
Amazing the amount of people already thinking we’re playing Aberdeen.

Dangerous game to be playing troops. We’ve got an arguably more difficult fixture against a team we’ve badly struggled against this season to come.
Definitely. And it’s more than just this season in fairness.


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Not beaten Killie yet and failed to beat them 3 out of 4 games this season, but yeah let’s everyone look to Pittodrie!

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