Scottish Cup Quarter Final - Aberdeen vs Rangers/Kilmarnock


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If we do beat Killie and go up to Shittodrie next round you can put your mortgage on us going up there again after the split in the league for a third time.

Nothing surer as night follows day.


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Alfredo to score a last minute winner against the mutton molesters
I love your confidence, not that Alfie scores in the last minute as that is very possible, let’s face it he is way too good for the Aberdeen defence. I admire you thinking he’ll still be on the pitch in the last minute. I’d expect him to elbow that Aberdeen defender in the first 10 minutes and pick up a yellow then stand on his knackers in the second half to get a new early bath. Maybe Alfie loves the bathroom up there.


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Well, I’m in the air if it’s a Saturday kick off.
Praying for Sunday but Friday night would be even better.
I am fairly sure we will be the Saturday- the taigs also have a game on Wednesday luck of the draw is their game will be on the Sunday to give them an extra day to prepare
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Quite simply, Rangers MUST insist on receiving the maximum number of tickets allowed by the rules of the competition.
And if that doesn't fit in with proper segregation, then Aberdeen need to cut their own allocation for their part-time supporters, so Rangers get even more.

At least that way, they'd have a chance of getting a full house!


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Hopefully more tickets AND a Saturday 5.15ko would be superb
The stuff dreams are made of but they don’t even make the fixture an early one on a Saturday anymore I would love to be so wrong but don’t think the police would allow it as it said don’t even like early on a Saturday anymore.


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Not a chance would we be allowed to play Aberdeen at 5:15pm kick off on a Saturday or Sunday.

Could you imagine the amount of buses who would travel through early and the ‘numbers’ on the train.

It would be bedlam and with a bigger allocation.

Ahaha it’s not going to happen is it :(.


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I’m sure we will be well up for it. Question is whether McInnes will whinge about post match celebratory singing again? I do hope so.


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Just in. That's a chunt of a draw for us.
Also have a weird desire than popcorn teeth was still at Hibs as he had a great record against the tranny.

If we are to win this trophy we are going to do it the hard way.
As long as we’re still in it then yes, we’ve beat all teams mentioned already this season so why not. Before you hit back I know 3 out the 4 have beaten us.
Am just thinking it must be one of the strongest run-ins in recent years. Usually you get a favourable tie, somewhere along the route. This one looks like it's going to be a war, every single step of the way.


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On the other hand killie have failed to beat us 3 out of 4 this season - so what’s wrong with looking forward to pittodrie
Because Killie celebrate not losing to us, will see that as a good record and will happily draw next week taking it to extra time and pens. We are not diddy Killie!