Scum paid £9m by Leicester for Rodgers and backroom team


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Will they not just refinance the loan? Hopefully the yanks take them to the cleaners regarding the payouts.
Not at the preferential rates they're getting on it just now.

They're also having to fill a void created by Rodgers failure to get them to the CL this year.

They were itching to get him to Leicester and receive that compo.
I tend not to get too worked up over the transfer fees, or in this case, the compensation amounts they pull in. I think Eduard aside, they’ve never reinvested their money into bringing in big money players.Not since the O’Neill day’s when they got Sutton and a couple others in.

Didn’t they just announce accounts recently that stated they had £30m in the bank?

Make it £39m now then if this figure quoted is accurate.

It poses no threat to us sitting in a bank.

One of the main reasons we need to get smarter in our purchasing strategy though, is contained within the way they seem to bring in players ( in this case a manager) .
If we can replicate it, ( and Alfie is likely to provide proof of it) it’s probable that our custodians will reinvest into the squad, rather than leave it sitting in a bank.

Loans for 30 year old plus players won’t allow us to recoup outlay. More Alfie’s please!

If Stevie G ( assuming he is still in situ next season) was to win a double or treble, the likelihood is he’d be a target for EPL clubs. If so, we’d be looking at similar levels of compensation.


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He was 1 year in to a 4 year deal and was on £2.5 million a year. £9 million for him and the backroom staff is most likely true. As I have said that's chump change to Leicesters billionaire owners. I couldn't give a toss what they do but don't see the point of people burying their head in the sand saying it hasn't happened. It was the same as Dumbele, people saying they were lucky if they got £10 million. They announced it to the stock exchange it was £19.7 million
Which is perfectly feasible.

The amateur accounts on here, who shoot them down every month are usually way off the mark.

They took a bit of a gamble, paid big money in wages for him, it paid off, so they locked him in.

Like Dembele, it’s astute business.
Exactly....they are well run financially. Nothing pro Celtic about saying that, it’s just a fact.
We should learn lessons from that and what comes with spending what you’ve not got.
Hopefully we are now decently run in a way we haven’t been since pre Murray.
As a btw, if we get £20m for morelos should bite the hand off for it.
He’s a great player, with poor temperament, and if we try to hold on to him when he wants to go then I can see him being the type of guy who takes the huff, meaning we lose big time.
That’s running the club well financially.


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Annoying how they manage to rake in the millions
Almost £20 mill for Dembele ..we really need to up our game in this area. When Alfie moves it will be interesting to see the fee negotiated.


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have they referred to this at all in their accounts in recent years?

as keeping that sort of information from shareholders would surely be fraudulent?
There have been no court cases looming previously.

This year's accounts should be reflecting possible/live law suits.