Season ticket numbers to date


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Interesting that most on here have renewed. I haven't yet and know another dozen people that haven't just to show a bit of balance. Pretty certain that everyone will renew.

If I was to guess it would be no more than a 1/3 renewed so far. Absolutely nothing to base that on though haha


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There will be a mad rush, understandably, at the end of June. Money is tight, after nine weeks I earned some pocket money this week, others it will be there main wages in the Coming weeks. We will get the numbers in the long run imo.


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Waiting until next month to see what the situation is and if there are any guarantees that we will see any money again if crowds aren't allowed. Vast majority of people I know are also waiting until next month.


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Not renewing until I know what will be happening so could be the end of June. Probably won't do mygers until then either as I will only be doing it for euro aways


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Not renewing unless we are taking on the SPFL. Then I want clarity on whether we are going to be reimbursed if can't get to any games like Hearts have. Without this I'm not throwing money down the drain. Will also need to understand my job prospects at the end of June. Have zero interest in MyGers tbf as I only go to Ibrox now.


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I’m reading that some people have renewed “the wrong way”. I was going to renew mine today. What is the ‘right’ way?