Serie A Forgotten Players

Khal Drogo

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Gaizka Mendieta went to Lazio when he was at his peak at Valencia. For some reason it never worked for him. Thought he'd have beem brilliant for them at that time

Also, Des Walker had a season at Sampdoria as well


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Again, not so much forgotten but Davids was some player when he played for Juve.

Complete midfielder and a mad bastard as well.

Was my favourite non-Rangers player for a while when he was at Juve. I liked the Dutch national team at that time too.

Loved the story of him in his car at traffic lights in Milan. Car beside him has a couple of guys in it who started giving him racist abuse. He just whips out the knuckle dusters from the glove compartment and they both end up in hospital.


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Alvaro Recoba.

The goals this guy scored were something else.

Left foot like a cannon.

Am i right in saying he made his inter debut the same day as Ronaldo?

Loved growing up watching serie A in the late 90s. Could probably name more players from around 98ish when i was 10, than I could current serie A players.
Good thread.

I'll add Angelo di Livio (an important cog the all conquering Juve side of the 90's), Guiseppe Signori (natural finisher, top scorer in Serie A 3 times but never won a championship), and one of my personal faves Zvonomir Boban (cultured on the pitch but infamous for his part in the zagreb / red star riot).

Loved me some Serie A back in the day.

White Cafu

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Great thread OP!

I'll add more later but Javier Chevantón was one of my favs. An absolute goal machine who I thought would have gone to a bigger club.

There was a Football Manager game back in the day, Hibs used to always get taken over and would buy him for about £7m, bizarre


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Andrea Fortunato highly rated young defender who ended up at Juventus, think he died of leukaemia when he was early 20’s.

On a happier note Championship Manager Italia was a fantastic game


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I remember when Juventus gave us a lesson in the 90’s. My old man travelled over for the Ibrox game from Londonderry. Because I was rife into my Italian footie and Rangers I begged for him to take me but it was a non starter, he was on the ran dan. He ended up buying two tickets for the game in case he lost one (as you do). He insists he didn’t want to lose one but now after a few beers he laughs and says he was so pished he didn’t know if he needed a shite or a hair cut and ended up with two in his pocket. Wanker