Sevilla interested in Alfie?


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Out of all the so called clubs interested in Alfie, this would be the best one. No language problems, would not be hounded by the press and referees are a different class.


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Seville would be a great move for him and he would get a game for them too IMO.

I think he is a better player than Luuk de Jong for example.


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I've always thought Alfie's talents are better suited to mainland Europe than the EPL

I'd also expect the Spanish league to be a better fit than the French-
(but I have to confess I'm not a big fan of French football- especially outside the top 3 or 4 teams)

Spanish football has more of a following world wide than the French & this may help his international ambitions
It would also be a bigger test of Alfie's ability

All of that & the language edges out Lille - but am I right in saying Lille have gone very quiet since we knocked back the last bid ?


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but seriously, I’d prefer this move than Lille for Alfie’s sake. Big move for him!
I don’t know if I’m being a bit wide of the mark here but I think La Liga seems easier to score in, which would help him obviously. The game is faster as well and more appreciated as a higher standard than france
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