Sheer hypocrisy from the Times

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See now you're just stereotyping.

Older people aren't going to be using the Internet or fan media?

The Internet has been a part of daily life since the 90s. The vast majority of people have had the Web and some form of computers around for the majority of their lives.

Let's flip your question though, how many fans do you think we have gained through media coverage of us in the last 20 years?
As you observe the inter web is hardly new, Im close to 65 and regard my self as moderately computer literate, its been business tool for me since 1982/3.
I've zero interest in engaging in SM albeit I'm here and subscribe to H&H.


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I’m sorry but Rangers can’t afford to discount 80,000 potential eyeballs everyday that the free press in the record could provide (not counting their Twitter / Facebook / online views as well
1 - Rangers will still get coverage in newspapers. We still sell their papers for them - it just won't be with journalists having been at the game or with exclusive quotes/interviews (how many of them are there actually anyway?) and as seen from the BBC over the last couple of years they can still knock out a match report and report on our club TV/media anyway.

2 - 80,000 circulation is 160,000 eyeballs (give or take a few). Sorry, i'll get my coat.


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We have Steven Gerrard as our manager. Any country in the world would having weekly catchups and centre spreads on him and his he is doing with Rangers, and the excellent way Rangers have been playing in Europe. The media in Scotland has essentially ignored this, highlighted and exaggerated anything negative and other than try to hope they can print about his sacking..

Then 55 has happened, the world's media has been at the door of Ibrox, and still the cretins in the media in Scotland act as if they are the important ones and they are the game in Scotland.

The were reports that 5.5 million people watched the Real Madrid stream of our game.. So Scottish media what do you really bring to the table?
Excellent post. Nailed it


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As you observe the inter web is hardly new, Im close to 65 and regard my self as moderately computer literate, its been business tool for me since 1982/3.
I've zero interest in engaging in SM albeit I'm here and subscribe to H&H.
May I ask, where do you get the majority of your Rangers news?

For me, it's this site and H&H. The tabloids are irrelevant to me.

I did sub to The Athletic when it cost me £12 for the year and the writing was, at times, excellent, as was the tactical analyses, however it wasn't good enough to justify the full fee for me and some of Mr Campbell's latter articles were somewhat questionable in their stance, with the collaborative piece on CSA in Scottish football outright distasteful.

I enjoy the content from and for longer reads, as well as stuff from reddit (r/soccernerd is a good sub).


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How many of these newspapers operate online but apply a paywall for access? They have always got their news for nothing but the internet has changed everything. Sport on TV was always free to air but very little is now accessible free of charge. Even coverage of the current Olympics is very restricted as an American pay-per-view broadcaster bought the TV rights and they are being sold to other broadcasters in small packages. The best UK coverage is on Eurosport via the Sky platform

Luca Stroppi

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It’s excellent that the trash merchants are not happy about this. I would go further and get rid of the majority of them because they are arse holes and some of the stuff they’ve written over the years is just pure hate filled poison. They offer nothing positive to Rangers fans with a brain and I am all in favour of making life more difficult for them because let’s face it they are never going to change their attitude towards us even though nobody outside of the filth support really takes much notice of the shitty poisonous agenda they’ve been pushing for decades...we’re still here and stronger for the troubles we’ve come through and still respected by other club’s and other fans outside of this little cesspit! Loving their pain.


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I'm not 100% sure I agree with the 'fee' Rangers are charging.

But I'm certainly 100% sure I'm loving the MSM losing this shit over it.

Payback is a you know what.
Genuine question. Why do you not agree with it? The press seldom do any positive reporting on us but are given free access. Also, look at the press reaction to the title celebrations in March and May and the agenda they have. They've brought it on themselves.