Shelley Kerr

I thought she felt like quite a natural addition, in fact I thought the whole lot worked well in spite of my reservations about Tanner.

Shagger seemed a little bewildered by his cameo...


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She's been very good tonight, really knows her stuff and is really good at putting her point across. Would definitely be happy with them bringing her back.


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Pundit talks sense.

To be fair all 3 of them did, but this shouldn't be a surprise.

However in Scotland it is.

Go figure.......................


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She spoke brilliantly, in fact all three of them did, loving this new set up with Rangers tv,what a difference when your panelist’s are all signing from the same hymn sheet in regards to discussions about actual football.
Instead of having a tarrier antagonist there who’s only purpose is to curdle in with the filth viewers.


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Thought she was very good as a pundit.

Very childish but I did burst out laughing at half time when they were discussing defending and Neil McCann was saying how he can't really say how tough it is as he's never been a full back but then said something like ' Maybe Shelley can explain better what it's like to be stuck in the centre with two guys coming either side'


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Enjoyed the RTV line up, think it went well given we are at such an early stage. Liked the post match analysis discussion.
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