Shey Ojo Instagram Post(Pays A Small Tribute To Fernando)


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I will never forget the day after Fernando had passed walking upto to Ibrox for the Feyonord game
and seeing all the Rangers scarfs flowers etc
I looked up and seeing the sky orange.
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For the amount of criticism he got (from myself also) he seems to hold the club in very high regard. The two sets of players seeing out a second minute applause in that game is a nice touch that will live with me for ever.


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Fair play to Ojo, didn’t really work out for him here but hope he does well in future. Always seemed like he had talent but didn’t know what to do with it


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Nice touch right enough ,

When we played feyenoord soon after ricksens passing a couple of things worth mentioning ,

Ojo’s winning goal ,

The orange tops everywhere,

The minutes applause ,

IMO , the Dutch right back & the referee should have got a sporting accolade from eufa after this match , taking a throw in the full back clocked the applause had started , put the ball down & joined in , the ref saw this then he joined in for a short time , then he motioned to the full back to continue with the game . One of my favourite things I’ve seen at olde Ibrox.
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