Shirt Framing recommendations, Lanarkshire Area


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Can anyone recommend a shirt framer in the Lanarkshire area?

Got 2 signed Rangers jerseys I want framed for Christmas.

However on one frame I will be looking to add a couple of pictures below it with a plaque in the middle with a date and location on it.

The other jersey will just be standard.

Would rather give the work to a fellow bear who will take more care with the jerseys



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Gunna hijack this and ask if anyone knows of any decent DIY kits? Need to frame two of my shirts. (One of them is from my avatar ;-) )


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Buy frame from eBay and frame it yourself. It’s pretty simple and you can also get a plaque with whatever you want wrote on it.


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Not quite Lanarkshire but I go to The Framing Workshop at St George's X for anything I need done.

Again I dont know of any affiliation but they've done a blinding job of anything iv took in and that includes shirts, boxing gloves, prints and photos.


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That’s not very staunch of you not to ask, you may find out if you ever take the top out the frame he has put a photo of Neil Lennon on the back of the strip . :))
it’s ok, I have his name and address. So if that turns out to be true, I’ll smear dug shyte all over his place.


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I've used Bishopbriggs Gallery & Picture Framers a few times for framing and they've been excellent. I know it's not quite Lanarkshire, but just throwing them into the mix. Usually 2-3 weeks depending on how busy they are.

Their Facebook has some photos of shirts they've framed. Loads of Rangers ones!



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Thanks for the help guys.

Not being a Rangers fan isnt a deal breaker to be honest as long as they do a good job.
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