Shooting to Copland in First Half

Hap Hapablap

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Always looks and feels wrong when this happens.
I'm not superstitious in anyway it's just so normal for us to shoot into copland second half that it Irks me when we don't.

However the fact Aberdeen use this tactic when they win the toss as an attempt at some sort of Voodoo pretty much sums them up.


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For once, I honestly didn't even notice. I don't see it as a big deal, particularly with no fans. Just pathetic nonsense from the opposition, who think it will upset us. Fk them.


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It's a minor thing to get into our players heads/subconscious. Upsets the fans more than anything, especially the ones in the Copland.. I've rarely seen it work for an opposition though. &, to be fair, if it was used as an excuse for us to drop points then it would be pretty pathetic.

Blaze Of Glory

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Aberdeen did that at every opportunity in the nineties and noughties. You know, when they went over twenty years without winning a game. Worked well for them!


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The sheep have been doing the same at Ibrox for decades. I can count on one finger the amount of times it’s made a difference.

Woodrow Call

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They did it when we beat them for the league. Didn't work that day either. I often wonder about the 73 cup final. Was weird Celtic attacking our end second half


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When was the last time we won a toss and asked to swap sides?

I can't say I really notice which way we kick toward when away from home.


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I've never had an issue with it and I don't believe many of the players mind either.

I think we've just been set up to start that way for so long that people expect it to annoy us.

It probably made a difference back in the day with shape of stadium and stuff but nowadays not so much.
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