Shortlist according to Sam Wallace and Matt Law of the Telegraph

I can’t imagine we’re close to appointing anyone yet but the fact he’s saying we’ve spoke to Lampard suggests he’s definitely in the hat.
Don't know much about Clement but 3 league titles in a row in a fairly competitive Belgian league for two different clubs points to him having something about him.

Finished sixth in Ligue 1 last season with Monaco but scored the most goals in the league out with PSG.
I don’t think the board will appoint Lampard with the fan feeling towards it.

I mean I hope they won’t.
Lampard is completely clueless
I can’t see how Lampard would improve on anything that we’ve seen in the last 2yrs.

He is full of cliches and doesn’t seem able to coach his players into doing what he did as a player.
He was incredibly dedicated, intelligent and hardworking as a player. He “should” be a much better coach/manager than we’ve seen so far.

Rangers would be last chance saloon for him as well. Succeed here and it gets some degree of credibility back - fail and he’ll struggle to get a gig in Saudi Arabia.
Booted out unluckily at transfer embargoed Chelsea after a great 17 match unbeaten run & saved Everton from relegation.

As per Frank himself last night on MNF...

His sycophants in the press back in the day falling over themselves to give him some sort of credit for the Champions League win as well.
If this board are that stupid to appoint Lampard then when he fails they can expect huge protests against the board for their sheer incompetence

We need a proven manager

Lampard as a manager has achieved nothing

He would be a total disaster and surely the board must recognise this

If not and they actually hire him we are going backwards again