Should McGregor have went up for the last corners?


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As great as a shot stopper as he is i wish he would come off his line to claim a ball or two, it's causing a lot of problems for our centre halfs staying on his line all the time.


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The players could have gone into Corntonvale tonight with a kilo of cocaine and still not have scored. Never really looked like scoring .
Yes... most definitely would have had everyone and their granny up for the injury time corner.
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Keepers coming up for corners is generally a joke idea. Actually do any damage once in a blue moon, despite the fact it's fairly common for them to do so.


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For some of the more dubious comments on the thread. We were 1-0 down and got 2 corners in Injury time. I would send my keeper up. I asked if you were manager would you.

It happens regularly in other games and leagues. It may lead to a goal or could end up them scoring again.

Some.people should read the original post


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I kno what you’re saying, with his great scoring record etc....

But, no. It’s a league game 1st week in December.
Wtf has that got to do with anything? It could be first or last game of the season, three points dropped is three points dropped whether it's August or May


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Why didn't the manager throw on Worrall or Mccrorie for the last 5 mins and put them up front and just lob balls in? All the tippy tappy side and backward passing was a joke and was never gonna work. If ejaria was xlean through and the goalie he would take it by him and then turn back and try and beat him again

I'm still fucking annoyed, aarrrrggggghhhhhhhh


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If he is better at heading the ball than an outfield player we are in troble! I hate keepers going up for corners.


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How is it nonsense he never comes to claim a ball. Not saying hes bad i think he is one of the best keepers around but he never comes for a ball
Neither did Goram, or Klos.
Infact, there was a story around Goram’s time that told us Gough told Goram not to come and to stay out of the way.


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Nothing screams desperation/we’ve ran out of ideas more than keeper going up for corner (which we clearly had last night) I’d love to see the stats but how often in the history of football has it worked?!

Not very often I’d suggest but once the ball breaks the players are so desperate because there’s an empty goal they just bring the opposition down and takes the pressure off them.

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