Sir Alex Ferguson says the Boys' Brigade taught him teamwork

Number 4

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Sure and Steadfast.

5th Wishaw.

I got the opportunity to spend some time with my first Company Section Captain, many years later, as he fell into ill health. A wonderful man, and some of the best and educational times of my life.

The Doctor

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177 Lifeboys (resplendent with the round navy style hat) at St Thomas Church Parkhead before moving to senior section 208 Pollok. Company was so big we had an accordion band and a separate pipe band. Church parades once a month were awesome. :D


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235th. Govanhill Life Boy's , became a Group Leader then into 235th., Boy's Brigade at 12yrs.of age i think ? Won a silver medal for " best drilled recruit "lol, and was in the football teams of both the " Lifey's and the BB ( Pill Box Hats in those days ) plus PT training and vaulting every Thursday night in the Gym at Strathbungo Sen. Sec . School in Craigie St., Crosshill . Great day's and the only downside was that our football strip was a Hibs one ......YUKKKK !!!!:p .

Ardoyne RSC

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According to Irish Republicans (and therefore almost certainly the Scottish variety too) the Boys' Brigade is a paramilitary organisation. (no joking)
For more info google Jude Collins and the BB.