Slaven Bilic Interested in the Celtic Job


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I actually don't know what Bilic is like as a manager. Sometime's he seems decent and then just seems to struggle. He's a crackpot though and seems a decent guy. So, would be a shame for him to completely %^*& up and tarnish his reputation by getting involved with paedo harbouring, terrorist loving shower of scum.

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I heard today from a Celtic fan who knows an insider that Moyes has got the job.
I'd be shocked if it was anyone else. I've been saying all along it will be Moyes or Lennon. Similar to Rodgers in that he's got a reputation to rebuild, has experience of managing big clubs and has a knowledge of them as a club and Scottish football in general.

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Let's be honest, it doesn't matter who they get. They're not going to be as good a coach as The tranny shagger was.
Don’t really agree with that. Rogers was a half decent coach but didn’t exactly elevate Celtic. He got them playing exactly as they should be given their resources - well ahead of most of Scotland but a bit shit in Europe and challenged by a half decent Aberdeen and us at the start of our resurgence. Many many coaches could do the same job.

Rogers was shit in the transfer market. Really appallingly bad. They are still playing with Deila’s side. TLBR is a much worse human being even than Rogers and sows discontent wherever he is which limits him severely as a coach. But he is better than Rogers at transfers, at least at the cheap end of the market.

If they got a half decent coach who was also competent at transfers then they would be better off than they have been recently.

Still think Gerrard will have the measure of them though.


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6 or 7 years ago this would maybe worry me as I remember him being hyped at the time. These days he's done nothing of late to make me worry. That said I don't think he'll get it.
Cant see how they win a treble and dont give it to Lennon but Billic wouldnt bother me either i think hes a bit mental and is only popular because of some commets during England games.