SNP Medical Advisor performs a U-Turn, as Lawwell calls for test friendlies with crowds present

Disco Deejay

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Surprise, surprise, the Natz changing their tune for Lawwell. What will be the next big surprise, Dundee providing the opposition?

Peter Lawwell has called on the Scottish government to let fans back into football before the national game ends up in intensive care.

The Celtic chief confirmed Record Sport’s exclusives revealing how his club has joined forces with SRU bosses to set out an a plan which will allow the padlocks to come off at Parkhead and BT Murrayfield.

Lawwell revealed he hopes to run the first ‘test event’ before the end of this month and ahead of the SPFL’s big kick-off on August 1 in a bid to prove the new campaign doesn’t need to be played behind closed doors.

Yesterday we revealed SRU chief operating officer Dominic McKay has been given a tentative green light from Holyrood to put on a trial run in front of around 1000 fans at Murrayfield on August 22, when the Pro-14 will restart with Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh clashing.

With fans returning to stadia all over Europe, Celtic hope to be given similar dispensation from parliament in a bid to prove supporters can be kept socially distanced and in a secure environment.

Speaking exclusively to Record Sport Lawwell said: “Nearly half of the nations in Europe are back playing with crowds so it’s a much more positive situation than it was just three or four weeks ago.

“We’re now seeing grounds in Denmark operating at 50 per cent capacity, Finland are up at 50 per cent and Holland hope to start on the first of September with 25 per cent. On the same day Denmark hope to get up to 100 per cent.

“These are all great signs of the progress being made around Europe and, here in Scotland, we have been working with the SRU to show that we can do something similar.

“We thank them for their help and we are working towards hosting a test event in a pre-season friendly towards the end of July. We hope we can work in collaboration with the SRU and the Government to get it up and running.”

Cash-strapped clubs who feared they may have to play on for months behind closed doors will be paying keen interest to Celtic’s proposals.

As we revealed yesterday, Lawwell has not ruled out the hope that some Celtic fans could be inside the ground to see the unfurling of a ninth successive Premiership title flag on the new season’s opening weekend.

When asked if this was a realistic target he said: “I don’t think it’s impossible, definitely not. We’ll certainly be ready for it.

“Matchday revenue is absolutely vital for Scottish clubs due to the levels of our broadcast deals.

“It’s our main income, therefore if we don’t get crowds back as soon as possible then the effects of this pandemic will be even more strongly felt than they already have been.”

In a bizarre twist, government medical adviser Professor Jason Leitch performed something of a U-turn last night, although did leave the door ajar.

He said: “I think we’re saying pretty much no chance of crowds in August. I can’t imagine physically crowds in August or September but I might be wrong. With a fair wind we could get there.

“We might run test events in that two-month period, maybe a big match with a small test crowd.

“Either rugby or football or both. Then into autumn and winter we may be able to get back to physically-distanced crowds.”

Copy and pasted, as it's a Keech Jackson/Daily Record article. Don't give them the hits.



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lie after lie after lie in that article.....then another SNP u turn to appease the mhankies....whod have thunk it.

Match day income is the tims biggest cash earner? What a load of total shite if the first old firm game was at Ibrox not a word would have come out that fat lying prick


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Their fans have deserted them in droves because they can’t guarantee they’ll get into the stad du gad anytime soon.

They’ve extended their season ticket sale numerous times already and the need a big worm to hook the punters back in, being the ‘test bed’ for fans at football again is the only way they can do this.


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Their fans have deserted them in droves because they can’t guarantee they’ll get into the stad du gad anytime soon.

They’ve extended their season ticket sale numerous times already and the need a big worm to hook the punters back in, being the ‘test bed’ for fans at football again is the only way they can do this.
This and so they make sure they have fans when they play us.

As I said above fatty bullshit wouldn't have uttered a word if it was at Ibrox


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Friendly against dundee with the gate money going to nelms. Guaranteed.
Doubt it Celtic need money as well. I think the SFA asked for the transfer window to be scrapped because Celtic have a short term cash crisis and can't buy before the window shuts.


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Is Lawell putting Celtic finances and income from crowds ahead of Scotland's health?

I will be barred for what I say next about this cu"t.


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Sitting at 40k season tickets and we are sound, tims on the other hand sweating profusely desperate to get fans in for old form and money in before cash runs out, pleasing

Hugo Baws

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Do not let this mob tell you differently but they are Desperate for cash now.

Their arses are twitching faster than a Rabbit's nose.

And that's just with the chances of BCD without adding in lack of STs sold and the Dam that's about to open wide on them re CSA.

Hell Fire is about to fall on this shower.


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1,000 fans in a 50k+ seater stadium won't make any difference financially. I imagine if they do allow these test crowds then it will need to be an across the board SPFL move and they would need to make an allowance for away fans to attend.

No way we are moving to a 50% capacity any time soon - especially with wee nippy calling the shots.


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It shows the level of political influence Lawwell has (or thinks he has) by pushing for this.

This is an example of how this influence can directly benefit the club via gate receipts etc. Releasing this news now will help convert swithering Celtic ST holders to renew.

Hopefully we're at the start of building these relationships. One thing is for sure, if they get the green light for anything, we need to ensure we'll be doing a similar test too.


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They're not. They show the books every year. It's not lies. Much as you would like to kid on it didn't happen they got 20 plus million for Tierney last summer. Yes they have a big wage bill but they're miles from skint.
Agree, they're not skint.

However if they don't get the CL again, and are unable to cash in on any major transfer sale, then they'll record quite a significant loss this season which will eat away at their cash supplies.

The unknown position of the transfer market will be causing them concern as having a guaranteed trail of players going out the door is a business model that has worked for them in recent years.

Thasunke Witko

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So ****** Peter asks(tells) the SNP’s Dominic to ease the lockdown situation and allow some sort of spectator test and how many of us are surprised at the answer, corrupt bast8rds the lot of them

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