SNP Response to child abuse


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Vomit inducing liars, and speakers of half truths. Only care homes of religious bodies fall under the remit so the bulk of religious institutions get a free pass ( for religious read RC).

The entire remit and agenda was set so Bheast FC and their spiritual wing, the RC Church avoid investigation and censure.

The SNP needs the RC vote and for the SNP that is all that matters, so a blind eye is turned to all the past abuse. Those who set the remit should themselves be jailed for aiding and abetting.

The religious element includes only residential care homes run by religious organisations.

So, children could be taken on a Sunday School type camping trip by their religious advisers and abused on those trips and this is not included in the Inquiry. Equally, let's say an alter boy, for example, was abused in the vestry of a religious place of worship, or a child was abused whilst showering after a club organised football match, these horrific abuses, too, would be excluded.

We all know why the remit of this Inquiry was curtailed to it's terms of reference, and why the part about historic abuse in football was handed over to Liewell's lackies and lawyers at the SFA

An absolute disgrace. How anyone can vote for these duplicitous creatures is truly beyond me. They do not give a shit about those who suffered abuse from sporting clubs and religious bodies, and we know why :(
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where are rent a mob at times like this , or the ones that loiter outside hospitals preaching about all life being sacred , the poll tax millions take to the streets , but industrial sized child abuse not a whimper , no vigils no prayers for the abused no heart felt apologies , make no mistake , politicians, church leaders , the police and teachers are all involved in this , I believe it was Belgium after it was discovered how far the abuse went , the people took to the streets .


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Seems like the celtic people who are in charge of Scotland have decided to allow their servants in the media to link jocks name to the abuse.