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As mentioned by Martin on H&H next Sunday is huge. A game we have completely failed in the last 2 years and the sort of fixture that lot will be looking too for us to drop points.

If we go there, struggle and drop points the pressure is back on us, we will have let them off the hook again, and the legitimate questions of us being able to genuinely challenge will be asked again. Every time we have got our noses ahead in the last 2 years we have messed up and Rugby Park is the place we always seem to do that.

Win comfortably to go 7 clear and all the pressure is on them.

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We've been absolutely outstanding, but it doesn't mean much if we don't keep winning. It makes no difference if we win the first 11 games 4-0, if we drop points in the next few the scum will likely scrape enough jammy wins to catch up, and then we're right back where we started.


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Those 2 draws still wind me up - especially Livingston. Anyway, cautiously optimistic, but we're only 25% of the way there.

Next time we’re at Livi , should be full throttle from first minute , no respect shown
We didn’t start trying until the 80th minute

And didn't their goalie not have a wonder save thrown in for good measure to


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100% this form counts for nothing if we don't kick on from it, the goals Conceded is the best part of them stats of you ask me
We have a colossal battle ahead of us, make no mistake.

But we do now also know the lay of the land, atleast the majority of the players do, so we are much better equipped to execute our plan and rip the title from their filthy trotters.


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Agreed, we need to be ready to accept if we do or draw though not to go into meltdown like last time

To be honest, more than ever before the reaction of the fans is somewhat unimportant.

The team have reacted well to the disappointment of the Hibs game. That's the main thing.


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We are on track for bang on 100 points with current form. That would be enough to win the league.

We need to go and win the next 6+ games now and really pile the pressure on them.
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